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A regular letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

This is the first regular letter I have written for some time. I got out of the habit – due to not having pictures to enclose, but have some now, covering D.’s 5th to 6th month. There isn’t much difference is his pictures but we can see a lot. He does something new quite often and of course that isn’t caught with the camera. We should have a movie camera so we could keep a more accurate record of his growth. It is so nice and warm today I intend taking him out for an airing. However I want to keep away from school children – there are so many diseases going around now – measles, chicken pox & scarlet fever. I have mentioned in several letters that we gave him Immune Globulin and he hasn’t taken measles from Mark – neither did John. The minute Mark said he didn’t feel good I sent him up to bed (Sat a.m. 8:30) and John stayed down, then John went to Krulls & stayed from Mon. till Fri. I do hope John won’t start

Stevens, James & Dolores - c1953

Dolores and her husband, James Stevens, c1953

[page 2] feeling bad in about a week. We are planning to go to C. C. Apr 2. Dolores will be home and we want to see her. I didn’t plan to go this week-end due to measles – that is John’s exposure by Mark will be three weeks tomorrow and some say an exposure can go three weeks in developing – and I didn’t want to take a chance. Dr. M. said it was not very likely he would take them from Mark after that long. John wrote an essay in a contest and won second – Angus W. won first. He said today he won a spelling contest and the reward was a candy bar but Miss Kitsmiller just gave him a nickel. He is taking algebra and likes it. Mark is still working on the cornet and I must say does good for no more practice than he puts in on it. He had to miss several days school when he had measles but so many were out too that they all had to catch up.

The stool in the “Powder Room” stopped up so had Monroe come out. He said it was from the septic tank and I had to have it cleaned. Billy Floyd cleaned it today – (6.25) and had

[page 3] to dig up the yard quite a bit – now will have to get that place smoothed down again and grass seed sown. I saw Bill out working on his lawn – I went over and he was putting arsenate of lead to kill moles. The moles have been working under his lawn a lot. I want to get some vigaro and seed for our lawn but there is a shortage of fertilizer and I may not be able to get any. There is a new special fertilizer called “Victory Garden” and of course it is compounded specially for gardens and to be used for just that. Paul Y. was here yesterday. He was looking for a manure spreader but hadn’t found one. He said Earl was definitely exempted for  but talked like he might have to go – He said he had just bought a new tractor outfit. I’ll get all the “low down” and details if we get to go to C.C. next week. Kenneth would let Clarence try to keep him home. He said he didn’t want to stay home, with all the young men his age going. Had a letter from Ethel W. and she said Allen had gone – his dad could have had him exempted for farm work but Allen wouldn’t let him do it.

[page 4] Ethel said she didn’t blame Allen – because he would have to live with “those boys” when he comes back. That is the way I feel about us. You know I would rather have you here at home – but this thing is bigger than our own personal lives, and as you have written before – we are not the only ones – and when you come home we won’t have any guilty feelings about shirking a duty – so chin up – and all that sort of thing. It can’t last forever. – Well I hear a grunt and that means David is awake and soon will be clamoring for eats, and mentioning eats – it really costs us to eat, but I certainly am glad we have our locker. I haven’t bought meat in the stores for so long but once in a while glance at the show case to see what the prices are and the last time I looked – Hamb. 35 lb T-Bone 48¢ – and with rationing starting Apr 1 – 16 points a person a week is allowed and the amt. of meat one eats depends on the kind. Steak takes 8 pts a lb – so not much steak to be head in a week.

[page 5] I wrote you several times but will repeat – the income tax for ’42 figured 157.53 – also I read that all gross pd on salaries rec’d in Service will be refunded for ’42 – so that will be a little – Haven’t taken time yet to figure what refund will be coming.

— Some time later – Fed David (vegetables & milk) Tried fruit but he didn’t seem to retain it so thought I would try again later – He is taking orange juice again. Also went out and took down the clothes. Certainly is grand to hang them out again – after all the basement drying all winter. I haven’t heard anything about Ira D. recently so he must have gotten over the attack whatever it was. I suppose the people around town will keep you up on most local news. Your letters of Mar 12 & 13 came today. Never think anything you write is boring. If you can only say so much you know I always look for letters and don’t think they are ever dull – I have saved every one – I think they should be kept to hand down to the grandchildren –

The bank bal. at present is about $120⁰⁰ I haven’t had any collections for such a long time – and that much talked of uniform money hasn’t come yet.

[page 6] I am keeping bills paid – Ins, etc. Still have a 34⁰⁰ coal bill but will get it next month. I am taking the dividends off next 59⁰⁰J. Hancock prem. So that will be about half next time (Apri). I sat David up in his buggy – you can see by the picture the kind it is and he has scooted down till he has his feet braced on the foot piece. That is the way he likes to rest in his buggy.

It is a little hazy out like we might get a rain – Wish we would so that loose dirt would sink down where it was dug up.

Hope you can get an idea about us from these pictures. Now that we are getting into spring we should be able to get some good ones.

It is so warm today the physical ed classes have been held out of doors. Hope none catch cold. So far it hasn’t bothered John. I think the physical ed is good for him – he has to take it.

I must get this finished so can take it to the P.O.

All my Love

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Mark is still home (Gladys)

1943-03-15Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another March day – Rain & wind. Mark is still home. He got over the measles nicely but I thought I would be better to keep him in a few days. I am giving him unicaps. He is a little thin but seems to feel good. The baby had 2 c.c. Immune Globuline last Thurs. Can’t tell yet whether he will take measles or not. John said he would rather have them now and not have to be afraid of getting them all the time. So far no one in the 7th grade has had them but Angus Washburn was out today so he may be taking them. Sammy is over them. I got your letter of Feb 26 today. I wrote your folks and gave a brief resume. Dolores isn’t coming home till Apr 9 so we will plan to go that week-end (Friday the 9th) after school Ruth M. may go with us. Earl doesn’t get enough gas to drive only to work. I haven’t used all my coupons so far. Will leave the car at the garage and have it greased & checked over before we go. Mom said Kenneth is still in Indpls as far as they know. I believe he wants to go into the air corps. Paul and Earl both got deferments. Wilma graduates this spring and wants to take nurses training. David is chewing on a toy. He acts like his gums bother him. Joe Fletcher saw him yesterday and said he was the best looking boy we have but told him D. looks a lot like John did. Floyd things he looks like Mark. Hope you get his picture & ours I sent some weeks ago. Will have some more to send in a few days. I have been sending pictures in registered letters. There is a meeting at the High School at 2:30 for gardeners. A man from Purdue is going to speak. I may go if I get around in time. Have to feed D. at 2. I should take Mark but this weather wouldn’t be very good for him since I am keeping him home so he won’t catch cold.

Love Mother

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The measles have arrived (Gladys)

1943-03-06Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – We are having a snow again today. The air is white and as far as I can see there is a white haze. I think Mark is taking the measles. I have him shut up in his room with the blinds closed and he is listening to the radio. He got up this morning feeling so good and then he said he didn’t feel so good. I took his temp. and it was 100 2/5 so I put him right to bed. We don’t know yet what we will do with John. He wants to go to school and I don’t know whether he will be allowed to. I will keep the baby in his room downstairs and hope he doesn’t get the measles. There are so many children having or had the them, maybe they won’t be severe, but we will no doubt be over them by the time you get this. Had a letter from Uncle Wes. He and Aunt Jessie have had bad colds but are about well now. They are coming down some day after the weather clears up. John had a letter from Duane and he said Kenneth passed his physical. Freida Holley’s husband has had to go. Their baby is still small. I suppose she will go back to Buddy’s. D. is raising a fuss. It is time for his nap. He just had his bath & feeding. He played a while and got some attention now he doesn’t want to go to sleep. I didn’t deduct those dividends from the Dec. prem. but I wrote in and they are going to deduct them from the next prem. (apr). No uniform money yet. It will be like finding it when it does come. Will send some more pictures in a few days.

Love Mother

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We went to Lafayette (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 3 -1 1943

Dear Daddy –

I missed getting a letter out Sat, but we went to Laf. and when we came home was too late. I wanted to go see Dr. Ade about my throat – it wouldn’t get over being irritated. I also wanted to take David down for Dr. Cole to see but he couldn’t see me Sat. and I am planning to go tomorrow morning. That sounds like a lot of travel but Dr. Ade wants to see me again tomorrow. My throat feels much better since he worked on it and hope another treatment will fix me up. I feel better generally too. I am going to have a blood count made because after taking so much sulfa I probably need some shots. Clarice kept David for me yesterday but of course I’ll take him along tomorrow. She said he was very good while she had him. He is that way most of the time. He is on the bath table now kicking and looking around.

[page 2] When we came home Floyd & Ruth were here to spend the week-end. They have been traveling around so much hadn’t been able to get any laundry work done so they brought their washing along and did it. Floyd is to take his physical and if he passes will be in the Army. They will probably write you if and when.

I told you about the bed Mary Parttens loaned us for the baby. They brought it in yesterday and Floyd set it up. We have it in the den and it looks like the piano will have to go to the living room because it makes the den too crowded. I think I’ll make a real nursery out of the den since David has to have his things downstairs.

Five letters came yesterday which brought your mail up to Christmas Eve. I am so glad you found the batteries. Also glad you rec’d as many boxes as you did – since that was all you could have for Christmas. Now maybe you will get the other boxes I sent. It’s odd you have never received any letters from Funks. I know they have written to you and sent you a box for Christmas

[page 3] Just had a caller – Eleanor Towers – she came to see David – and the rest of us. So many came after we came home from the hospital but this was her first visit.

The weather seems to be changing some. It has been raining & warm but the wind is blowing and I believe it is getting cooler. Floyd was wishing for sunshine today. He brought his movie camera along and wanted to get some good indoor pictures. We have some photoflood bulbs we used so maybe they will be good. He took some of the boys out in the yard and some of all of us in the house. He had some developed that he had taken down in C.C. He has a screen & projector so we got to see some scenes from the farm with your Mother, Dad, Clarence, Ralph Glendon & Kenneth and one of Bob. I don’t know when we will get to see these he took today, because if he goes in the Army can’t tell where he will be sent. Dorothy Salter’s husband and Herschel Steiner are in the same C.B. camp

[page 4] in Rhode Island. I think Hilda said Ed was being sent to a camp in R.I.

We have eaten so much candy – received some nice boxes for Christmas. Floyd & Ruth brought the boys – John & Mark each a can of peanuts and then opened them and we have been eating them – I would much preferred to send them to you. Hope you get the ones I did send in your birthday box.

Our radio is getting a little off – I think it needs a new tube. It blurs and hums sometimes. Dorothy said theirs had gone out entirely – you remember they got theirs when we got ours. I’ll see Geo T. about it. Maybe he will have some new tubes. Just wish I could send you a radio but they aren’t for sale any more.

The boys are listening to Gildersleeve and it is about time for David to get a bottle so must get this finished.

– – Just stopped to put the bottle on to warm and from the sound of the thumb being sucked I think he is ready for supper


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Mark is upstairs in bed (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 11 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Mark is upstairs in bed – He said he didn’t feel good when he came home – so I took his temperature and it was 100 – I gave him ½ a sulfadiazine tablet and will give him another before I go to bed. When Dr. Cole examined him while I was in the hospital he said he wouldn’t take his tonsils out but gave him sulfadiazine – so I had Jack Byrne look up the prescription and get the dosage. Mark said he ached so thought I would try to nip the “flu” in the bud. He said he felt like he was taking the flu. He went to town thru the snow without his overshoes and I think he got his feet damp. When he came back and I discovered he didn’t have his overshoes on I made him change his shoes but evidently his feet were cold the “bug” had started to work. They come in thru the garage and leave their rubbers there and I had no idea he had gone out without them. He said, “the sidewalks are cleaned off,” but we can’t get away from the house without getting in the snow because it snowed again today. You

[page 2] mentioned the weather taking a beating. It certainly has from here but this snow is something to write about. Just before noon there was a flurry started and lasted until after the children came home. Great flakes coming down in swirls.

We were going to decorate the tree this evening but since Mark has to stay in bed and I am too tired to bother with it – it will have to wait another day.

I rec’d a card from the Revlon Prod. Corp that you are sending me a Manicure Case. Your Christmas cards are all very nice – (the three rec’d).

I finally sent out your sardine, crackers, mosquito cream, chewing gum – and in case you miss yesterday’s letter – the box of chewing gum was put in by Jack Byrne. He said to tell you that was their weeks allowance since chewing gum is hard to get. I also sent Jim his gifts and a box to Thelma.

I saw in the paper that Wayne Walker is home for a 30 day furlough. He has been in Australia since soon after he enlisted. That give me hopes – Maybe it shouldn’t – that you will possibly get to come home for such a furlough sometime.

[page 3] David is asleep – as usual this time of day. After his 6 P.M. bottle he looks around a while and usually by 7 he is sound asleep. He weighed 10-13 this morning. Two weeks ago today we went to see Dr. C. and he weighed 9-13 so he has kept up his ½ per week average. He should – he takes 5 oz every 4 hrs and it takes 12 oz Carnation for the 24 hrs.  When we came home 9 weeks ago he was getting 7 oz carnation in 24 hrs and now it is almost double that.

The skaters have come into their own this winter. Betty Lou & Donna Dennis went together to skate this evening. Betty said they have a flood light for the night skaters and build a fire too. Nick got Buddy skates last year but he has never learned to skate – said he didn’t like the falls.

You should be getting a letter from Uncle Wes. I can’t understand why you never have heard from him. He was here the day your Mother & Kenneth left – the day your Noumea address came – and he took it down. He said he was going to send you a bunch of maps. In fact I had a note from him and he had sent them. His address is 2028 W. 110th St.

I mentioned this before but will again – I think you should write the Sisters at St. E. and thank them for my care at the hospital. I am going to send a Christmas greeting, and add a thank you.

[page 4] I take it for granted that you got my letter telling you I didn’t have a bill to pay when I left the hospital.

John went to town this evening and bought David’s gift – a plate cereal bowl and cup. Mark got him a Panda. Jim sent him a wooden toy and Ruth M. sent something for him in her box but I think it is some piece of clothing.

I looked thru the paper for some news item to include but don’t see much. Thad Pence is having a public sale – going to retire. C.D. Gilmore & James Oppy are victims of falls, suffering from cracked ribs. Joe Fletcher is moving the auto license branch office in with Prairie Realty Co. John Simons is in St. E. for observation. You will get all this when the Enterprize gets to you.

It has been so wintry this week I haven’t been out much and I have been trying to ward off a sore throat. It comes and goes. I got some powerful gargle at the drug store last night and it is much better.

I am about to run down so will sign off. Maybe there will be some letters tomorrow since there were none today.

Love Mother

Sat P.M. – Mark is better – In fact he is hard to keep in bed and I think by this evening I will allow him to come down and watch John decorate the tree, but will keep him away from David. A greeting came for you so will send it on to you (From St. E.)

[page 5] I am sending you this “Nation’s Business” notice – I hardly think you want it renewed but here it is.

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Thanksgiving 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 26 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Thanksgiving Day and lunch over – including David’s. He just finished his 2 P.M. feeding. We lunched rather lightly because we are going to Krulls for supper and thought we had better go with good appetites. It is cold today but sunny. We did a small washing and the clothes froze while hanging them out so that can give you an idea of how crisp it is. Yesterday it was warm enough to hang things without gloves on. This kind of weather make me want a warm coat but really haven’t had an opportunity to get one yet. The mail was delivered this morning but no letters from you. I am anxious to get the letters you sent the money in so I can report to you. The one mailed the 18th came yesterday but there are three or four previous to that date that haven’t come yet. They often come in such a manner. Yesterday one came dated the 11th and I had already received the 12-13-14-& 15th.

John and Mark are washing dishes and being very pokey this

[page 2]being a holiday they aren’t very fast doing things. John’s report card was better this month than Mark’s. I mean John raised some of his grades and Mark dropped on his. Mark got A+ on Band but that was the only grade that high.

Uncle Wes stopped again this morning. He and Paul Harris were returning to Chi. Maybe he and Aunt Jessie will come down Sunday to spend the day – since gas rationing will start Monday. He thought I could get a better rating for gas on the strength of collecting bills, but I told him no. He was trying to tell me how to collect some of those accounts but I doubt if anything short of suing would get some – or most. The  check Amel Taylor gave me that bounced I put back in the bank and they are to run it though when & if he puts any more money on deposit. We should be able to collect all those accounts – the way most people are making money now. If I thought it would do any good I would send you a list and have you mail statements from there and make a plea – but I suppose it would be a waste of paper & air mail stamps.

I gave you Dr. Joe’s address some time back but will give it to you again so in case you didn’t get the first you might possibly run into him but that would be almost too good wouldn’t it? I went to see her two weeks ago and she wasn’t home. I should go again before rationing starts.

[page 3] I don’t know why, but it gives me such satisfaction to put a real address on your letters. Maybe you will get better mail service now. I hope. Just hope you get the birthday box & cards we sent.  You should get your Mother’s box before Christmas because she didn’t specify it as Christmas mail. We were instructed to mark all boxes intended for that date as such.

The Zell girls brought some ice cream over for the boys. It had turkey figures on it. They said their Daddy was coming over to clean out our furnace this afternoon. I told them to thank him but John and I had already done the job. I don’t mind having people do things for us we can’t do ourselves but I want to do all we can. Link said he would clean the leaves out of the guttering and I think I’ll let him do that job. Now that the leaves are all off it can be done.

I have been thinking about Christmas gifts for your Mother & Dad and I believe I will send them a subscription for Reader’s Digest. While here this week she read some from ours and I believe she & Dad would enjoy them. Kenneth said he liked to read them. I showed him some articles we had read and he read them and said he thought they were good. That is the most I had been around Kenneth. He certainly is a fine boy. He seemed to enjoy his visit and I [he] never seemed to be bored like some his age would have been without someone his

[page 4] own age to be with.

Bart told me he had written you and filled his letter with town gossip so that takes care of that sort of news and I won’t try to include such in my letters – in fact I don’t know much about the local scandals.

There was a notice from the Laf. Life Ins. to the effect if you want a urine [?] analysis you may have a free examination – but I hardly think you will be interested. There were slips from John Hancock for those dividends we take off our premiums every year. I don’t know whether I am sure about what to do with them or not – as you remember we have had a mix up on that every time. Don’t worry about the taxes. Agnes is taking care of things in that line for us, so just forget about it. I won’t quote the bank bal. today but will give you a report after the checks come the first of Dec. I haven’t been spending anything but am getting a chest of drawers for the baby things. It is in the unfinished wood and will fit in the den with some shelves of the same make. I am getting this from Sears. You know the shelves we wanted to put in the Den when we built the house. Now that we can drive only so far a week and aren’t spending money on much else I thought I could squeeze out enough to buy the things I mentioned and maybe consider would you want me to send you a good wrist watch? Let me know – if so I will

Love –
Mother (over)

J.M. Roberts Lt Cmdr Mobile Hosp #4 U.S.N.R. Fulcrum c/o P.M. San Francisco Calif.

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Happy Birthday Roscoe (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 25 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Happy Birthday again. We sent cards but don’t know yet whether you received them. Dorothy Krull called this morning to be sure about your address and your letter telling of your New Caledonia address came so I told her. She is sending you a birthday card and said you would know she remembered it, although you wouldn’t get the card till later. Remember last year how we surprised you? I didn’t get a cake baked today. Your mother & Kenneth left – was going to leave about 9 a.m. and I said if they waited till the mail came maybe there would be a letter from you and there were two, so I gave your Mother your new address too. It was about 9:30 or a little later when they left. I had to hurry then and bathe the baby and feed him. I managed to get a washer full of clothes going and things straightened up a little when Uncle Wes stopped. He and Paul Harris had been making some trips and were on their way to Monticello. I gave him your new ad. And he said if you didn’t get the letter he

[page 2] wrote about the baby, he has a copy and will send the same letter again. Also he is going to send you the maps you want. Said he had just the thing. I read that part of your letter to him. The letters you sent with the money for all of us haven’t come yet. Probably will come this evening or in the morning (I hope). This is another unusually pretty fall day so think I’ll take David out after while. I hung out some white things today it was so sunny. Kenneth’s deferment is up the first of the year. He wanted to go to Laf. to inquire about enlisting in the Air Corps but it was so late when they left here I doubt if they went that way. They were going to stop in Rockville to see Uncle Charlie and I think your mother was getting in a hurry to get home.

I have to go to the Court House and get a certified copy of my power of attorney and send to Dan W. Flickinger so they can mark their records for the addition of David to the policies. I signed the necessary form but they have to see the “power of attorney.”

It is almost 4 P.M. so I must get along with this little “feller” and get in the sunshine.

Love Mother

One of your two letters today came in 7 days.

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November 24, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 24 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Didn’t get any letters today but hardly expected to since five came yesterday. Your Mother & Kenneth came last night just as we were finishing supper. I didn’t have much that I could fix them but managed to get a lunch of cheese, bacon, eggs, and a few odds & ends. We are going to the locker and get some meat this evening after the boys come home from school. I had one sirloin steak left and fixed it for dinner, so will new something for supper and for us the rest of the week. Our company start home tomorrow morning. They are going to stop at Rockville and see Uncle Charlie McQ. This morning I had Kenneth take the car to the garage and had the tires changed and the thermostat put back in. I wondered why we couldn’t get any heat out of the car heater – and then Nick asked me if I had the thermostat put back in. I had forgotten all about it.

Had a letter from Inez Ley today. John Ed is in San Antonio Texas at a Classification Center. He has passed his physical & mental exams so far. He is now a classified pilot. He will begin pre-flight in a few weeks. Bud is in Will Rogers Field, Okla, getting ready

[page 2]  to be shipped out. Helen is living with Inez & John. Nadine is home working in the Post Office. I had written to Inez and told her it wasn’t easy for me but that I felt like I must keep “my chin up” and carry on, as I know you want me to do. She said Helen read my letter and said “if she can carry on I surely can.” Inez said to tell you hello! From all of them.

This is going to be a short week. Company the first part and must go to Lafayette Fri or Sat. Haven’t ironed yet but it seems like I can’t get to it – Maybe I can tomorrow. Makes me think of you doing your laundry work. Of course you don’t iron things the way I do. I dn’t iron for the baby. He wears knit suits which do not need to be ironed & of course the while pants aren’t ironed either.

Report card time is here again, but I will let the boys write and make their own report to you. Maybe by tomorrow their Christmas money will be here and they can thank you in their “report” letters.

Kenneth is lying down in the den. Your Mother is on the davenport “snoring” and David is taking his bottle and is half asleep, if not altogether – all this sleep makes me want a nap too but I can’t see any place to lie down. This will be short but will try to do better next time, when I won’t have company. Tomorrow is your birthday and I hope you get your cards & box.

Love Mother

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Two months old today (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 23 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Things, as you say, took an upturn today – 5 letters came, however not the money – but that will no doubt will come in the next mail and that will be in time for Christmas by a month. The children as well as their mother got quite a thrill from the 10 yen. John of course was curious to know the value for sure (since you weren’t) and looked it up in the encyclopedia – and figured it to be $9.80. I know your Mother will enjoy seeing it too. I will get her & your Dad something nice for Christmas but thought to give her something directly from you that I would let her select some shells from the box you sent Sept 30. The other box you mentioned has not arrived yet. Your mother & Kenneth should be here Tues. and I hope they will stay for Thanksgiving. Mark got quite concerned about our Thanksgiving dinner. He wanted me to be sure and have chicken, if not a turkey. He also wanted pumpkin pie. I got a little ahead of schedule and baked a pie for him this morning. Since we are on sugar rationing I used a receipt using honey. I thought about you and your idea about pumpkin pie and tho.[though] the children couldn’t tell the substitution I wondered if you would have been able to. I doubt if even

Baby book entries for November 23rd & 27th

Baby book entries for November 23rd & 27th

[page 2] you would have been keen enough. As you said about the porthole – that is a question that can’t be settled now. Before long we will be on meat rationing. That has been worrying John quite a lot. I figured it down to two hamburgers a day. Of course he doesn’t think that is enough but I think we will get along well enough. Today David is two months old and weighs 9 ½ lbs – so he is doing well enough since he had to start from 6 lbs – and was only 6 – 3 ¼ when we came home from the hospital at two weeks. I just gave him orange juice & Oleum. He sometimes throws up the juice but I keep giving it to him every day and maybe he gets too much. He is asleep on his tummy now. He was getting his head out of shape so I put him on his tummy a lot. Since he has gotten used to that position seems to like it but at first would cry. I didn’t take him for a walk today. It is foggy, damp, misty, etc. – so will wait for dry weather. John just came to the front door and started a commotion trying to get in. The front door swells in this kind of weather and is difficult at times. Mark hasn’t come yet. John & Mark have both written several letters but you evidently haven’t received them. Mark is still tooting the cornet and does as good on it I believe as he would on any. You know his perseverance isn’t

[page 3] too strong. I brag about his playing and try to get him to practice but he gets tired awfully soon. I got him some model airplanes to build when in Laf. Sat. There are 10 different designs. I can’t keep him in knives. He breaks or looses them. He used a razor blade a while yesterday but I won’t allow him to do that again. It is too dangerous. I was going to call Mrs. Ash when in Laf. but had so much to do didn’t get to a telephone. I will try to give her a ring the next time down. Also I intend to stop at Klines. I know Gertrude will want to see the baby. She was so good to come see me while I was in the hospital.

After the Christmas season I will find another box and send to you and you might mention a few odds and ends I could send – besides sardines & crackers. There are surely a number of small things you want that I can send. But as you say, now isn’t a very good time with so much mail to be handled.

Mark just blew in from school. He was late and said he had to stay in to finish some arithmetic. He had a horn lesson today and said the music teacher was pleased with his “blowing.” He really beams from a little praise.

This has been a rather choppy letter, try to do better next time –

Love Mother

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November 22, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 22 – 1942

Dear Daddy – Sunday evening and relaxing a little. David is tucked in (in the den until the 10 P.M. bottle). John has gone to the high school building to play in the band for the Community Thanksgiving service. Mark is staying home drawing. He didn’t want to go with John and it is cold and raining so I didn’t insist. I used to get a little restless on Sunday afternoons but with David to take care of he keeps me busy on Sunday’s too. (You will get tired reading such musings). I didn’t get any letters yesterday – none since Wed, but I’ll be looking for letters again tomorrow. I wrote Fri evening so in case I would not get time Sat. I finally got it mailed at Fowler. We left home about 9 A.M. Sat. and went to Purdue. We arrived a little before time for the broadcast to begin, so I called Dr. Ade from there for an appointment. He was going to the Purdue – I.U. game and wanted to leave the office by 12:30 – but said if we would come over as soon as

[page 2] the broadcast was over (11:55) he would try and take him but after rushing over there he said he wouldn’t have time – he was going to the game – so we had to wait until after said game – (I. U. won). I had left the baby & Mark at Funks. I wanted Mark to go along but he insisted on staying, and I didn’t want to be gone so long, but I had to stay – however the fame was over in good time and he was thru with John by 5 P.M. and we started right home. Since we have a 35 mi per hour speed limit we can’t dash home like you used to do but we made pretty good time. The baby had been good all day and much better off than trying to take him along. Your Mother & Kenneth were here while we were gone. They went on to Ruth Mutchlers and will stop here on their way home. They had intended to stay here Sat & Sun then go to Ruth’s but changed their plans. Your Mother knew I wasn’t going to be home because I had written her about taking John to the Dr. & to Purdue for the broadcast. She left a box of eggs at the back door. I don’t know what day they will be back but look for them Tues. Kenneth has been deferred until Jan. 1. I don’t know what Sam’s boys are doing. I think Earl has to go – probably with Kenneth.

[page 3] Ruth & Floyd stopped here on their way to Blue Island. Floyd appealed to the draft board at Brazil but they wouldn’t reclassify him – so he appealed to the State board – and his appeal won’t be received by the State board until Dec. Mr. Zell bought Floyd’s tools. He brought them along today. Floyd gave Mark a vise. I promised to get Mark a tool set for Christmas, if he doesn’t change his mind. Going back to the subject of John’s glasses. I have to take him back next week. Dr. Ade has moved down to the third floor and he & his wife are in the same suite. I suppose they did that so one office girl could do for both – the girl Dr. C. N. had when on the 7th floor.

I saw Helen Sat. She was going to the game – her husband is an Ensign in the Navy. They had been in Mass, but he has been sent to San Francisco. She is staying with her folks but doesn’t know what she will do. She is seriously thinking of going to the coast. It would be something if you & Dan Heindle (Hindel) would meet. I am not at all sure about that spelling. I also saw Cracker. She was going to a show but walked around with me until we started home. I covered a lot of territory in Laf. yesterday, and must be normal again because

[page 4] all that walking didn’t bother me any. I am about ready to quit taking shots. I am feeling good and think if I start taking Vit. B by mouth instead by shots.

Mon. – I forgot about not finishing this and started another letter today so will send them together since I didn’t get this out on the morning mail. It seems like I want to tell you something and can’t think what it is – surely wasn’t very important – or I wouldn’t forget.

I have quoted the bank bal in nearly every letter It is still around 700 but won’t be when I pay Loebs & some insurance but I will inform you as I go along. The allotment comes every month. That bal. includes the birthday money. I haven’t been in a spending mood yet – and doubt if I will be. I feel like we should buy bonds and hang on to the rest. I would like to get John a good piano and if I get a chance at one will spend my birthday money that way but don’t know of any piano’s for sale except the new ones which are out of the question. I may get a coat if I see one I want – but why should I spend money on clothes now. I will not go much until David is older – don’t care to dress up while you are away. (Is that the right attitude?)

Love Mother

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