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New Year’s Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 1 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

This is my first letter this year. Thought I would write your Mother & Dad, but yours first.

Mark is getting ready to go skating with David Diedam. I just stopped to help him pull on 3 pr. of woolen stockings, and see that he had his coat buttoned and cap down over his ears. We haven’t had so much sub zero weather but it has stayed cold enough to keep the pond frozen.

John was listening to the Opera but got a headache and turned it off. We ate dinner

[page 2] with Mrs. Zell & Virginia (Mr. & two younger girls having gone to Grandpa Zell’s for New Year’s day). I didn’t want to take David over to Zells because the Dr. said it is important that she doesn’t get a cold and David still has some. I stayed here with D. while J. & M. went over to eat, then John came home to listen to the opera while I went over. Mark stayed a while then he came home. I stayed to help with dishes, then John came over and said he had a headache, so I gave him one of Zell’s aspirins. I came home so Mark could go skating and John stayed to play checkers with Virginia. Buddy Krull just stopped to see Mark and I told him Mark is at the Pond. He took his sled and went over. Buddy hasn’t learned to ride his bike and when he is here

[page 3] and Mark has to go to town, Mark rides and Buddy trots along beside him. I told Buddy he should learn to ride so they could ride together. Buddy got a chemistry set for Christmas and now Mark says he wants one for his birthday, John said “No, we don’t want the house blown up.” Mark decided the best birthday present he could have would be for his Daddy to come home. John said it would be better if you came home before Mark’s birthday. I agree. I can’t think of anything better. – – David is loose and it keeps me busy jumping up and getting him out of things, so I decided to put him in his bed until I finish this. He started to climb the stairs yesterday. We watched him and he went right up like an old hand at the business. That is the first time he had tried. I think one reason he hasn’t been attracted to the stairway is

[page 4] he likes to watch himself in the mirror door and play with the mail box. Now I suppose I will have to get one of those folding gates to put across the bottom to keep him from climbing up any time. He has always had a tendency to play in the front hall when I have to be busy elsewhere.

Alma Walker’s brother who has been in the Navy, has a medical discharge and is home. His wife has a baby and there has been trouble there – You remember them – you drew the blood for their marriage. Seems she wanted to run around after she got over having the baby and kept the family on needles & pins. Dale has the same trouble Mabel has and when that was found out he was honorably discharged. The young wife hasn’t taken very good care of the baby and Alma says he was broken out from lack of care and formula that didn’t agree with him. Now that Dale is home maybe he can keep her in line.

David is raising a fuss so I think I had better get him his orange juice & cod liver oil.

Another Happy New Year & Love – Mother

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Last Day of 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

The last day of 1943. Received yours of Dec. 18 & 19 one day this week, but no letters today. I mailed you the financial statement I made out for 1943. Since you sent the $300.00 I think I’ll get 3 – $37.50 bonds today and that will make #243.75 put into bonds this year or one over our $18.75 a month. I just came up from the basement and do I feel dirty. That Ind. coal certainly did mess things. I need to mop the entire floor, but not until I have plenty of pep. I did sweep up the furnace room which isn’t any good for my sinus.

David hasn’t any temperature today but his nose is still running and his bowels are moving good. I think nature

[page 3] is helping him eliminate his cold. I have kept him in his bed all day except for meal times. He has a pretty good appetite. When we say something to him he often responds with “bah” – I hardly think he knows just what that means but it sounds cute. I dug out the little chairs John & Mark used to play with but couldn’t find all the table – I’ll look again because I think it was all in one place. They are in pieces but I think they can all be put together again. I am sure he will enjoy playing with them.

John has been helping me wash today. He is reading Tom Sawyer again. He is old enough to catch Mark Twain’s humor which he thinks is very good.

Mark has been building on a $1.00 model I gave him some time ago. He hasn’t done much else today, but I want him to rest as much as possible.

[page 3] He went to Buddy’s to play yesterday, stayed for supper and went to a movie last night with them.

I dismantled the Christmas tree last night. It had been up since the first of Dec. and was very dry. I like to put them up but always anxious to get them down & things put away again.

I see in the paper that Jack Dye lost a leg and has been discharged from the Army. He will soon be sent home. He was awarded the order of the Purple Heart.

Mrs. James Illingsworth died this week – You remember her I am sure. Old Mr. I.’s wife – they lived in town.

Tony Schuh was operated on for gall stones before Christmas. While he was in the hospital, Bill was taken there with pneumonia. Tony is home and able to be around. I suppose Bill is too by now.

[page 4] The locker plant has been approved for Kentland. They are to start building as soon as possible. I don’t know who will run it but no one from here. A John Eilts of Crown Point will install the locker – There are 300 paid subscriptions. We have $10.00 in that. Our locker rent at Brands is just pd. for 6 mo. (to Feb.). Maybe the new locker will be ready by Mar. 1. I hope so then we can come out about even.

Mark got his electric train out but couldn’t get it to run, so Mr. Zell took it and is going to see if he can get it running. He went to Kokomo (his parent’s home) to see his (only) nephew, who is in the Navy and soon to go places. Took the train along – Said his nephew had all kinds of electric trains he used to play with. Thought both of them could work on it. Mark hasn’t had it out this winter – I hope they get it repaired so Mark can play with it again. I believe David would enjoy watching it too.

Happy New Year & Love Mother

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Christmas Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Christmas Day
Written from
Wilmington – 1943

Dear Daddy –

As you will note from the heading we have spent the day with the Mutchlers and are all in bed except Ruth & Romaine. Ruth is in the bathroom & Romaine is out with Jerry. We came over this a.m. – Had dinner at 1 P.M. In the afternoon Earl began feeling worse from his cold and Ruth and I prevailed upon him to see a Dr. and he finally went to see Dr. Wilson. He came back with two kinds of medicine and got five does down before we started to retire. He chilled from time to time – sat over the radiator all evening with a blanket around him. I told him to go to bed but he wanted to get his five doses down before retiring. He is tucked in now with heating pad but says he feels better. I noticed Mark sounded nasal after we got here so I used some nose drops on him when I tucked him in. If he isn’t better in the morning will do something about his cold. So far the rest of us are all normal, except my sinus drainage which I have had all winter, so nothing to be alarmed about.

This evening we talked a lot about you and looked at your pictures. Ruth got out some of your letters and read excerpts from same. She got out the world books and read about places and things.

[page 2] Last night we had our usual gift exchange. Dorothy wanted to see David get his gifts so I kept him up until 8 P.M. and she & Buddy came out and we gave him his gifts. Before she got there he spied the dog behind the tree Jimmy Staton had given him – It wasn’t wrapped. He wanted it so much we gave it to him. He holds his toys and we say “love the dog” (cat, etc.) and he pats some wrinkles up his nose and makes a funny little noise that is his way of loving. He had quite a time with all his gifts, which included plastic block, wood blocks, dogs, a jeep, bathrobe, house slippers and several wooden toys. I held J. & M. off for a while after David was put to bed. We had boxes with gifts from Jim & Thelma, Ruth & Floyd, & Ruth M. – I gave John records and money. I gave Mark some work sets – and things he likes to play with. They both thoughts they had a nice Christmas. Jim sent me a navy pin – it has the Lt. bars – is very pretty.

It is 11:30 & I am sleepy – Ruth said they would all sign this in the morning & let David make a mark.

Love Mother
How are you coming boys O.K. I hope Mutch
We have had a nice Christmas, hope you have to. Lots of love & best wishes for the New Year

P.S. I tried to hold David’s hand and he didn’t like the idea. The pencil mark are his.

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Lafayette and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just back from Laf. Took Lucile down to shop and purchased a few things too. John wanted records for Christmas so got him “The Nutcracker Suite.” In case you don’t know what it is, it’s from an operetta. I was going to take David and Lucile was to take Jimmy and we would leave both babies with her sister, but David still had some cold and I didn’t want to have him around Jimmy – so I got Clara to come stay with D. and also she got all the venetian blinds washed and windows while here, so I got some housework down even tho I wasn’t here. I didn’t want to take David away from home while he has any cold. He slept last night without coughing and didn’t run any temp. today but coughed quite a bit all day. He is asleep now and

[page 2] seems to be resting very good. I called Dr. M. wed. about giving him sulfadiazine and he said give him ¼ tablet every 4 hrs. I did that 36 hours then stopped. After I got back from Laf. this evening I went down and talked to him about d. He said if he continues to cough to give him sulfa again in two days. This cough seems to get so many people. I don’t know how contagious it is but know of no one being close to D. that had a cough. Ed Johnson has had it for several weeks but he hasn’t been close to David only out of doors – last Sun. he took some pictures but it was in the yard, I didn’t take D. into their house. At any rate it hasn’t made him feel bad and so far he isn’t running any temp. He is not as bad as he was yesterday, so I suppose I will just have to keep him in and keep him warm. When I came home this evening he was walking around the house having a grand time. I fed him and put him to bed, then I went

[page 3] to see the Dr. Mark said he would go along. After seeing the Dr. decided to get my supper downtown – I was hungry and didn’t like the idea of coming home and frying eggs – (meat frozen isn’t easy to work with) so Mark & I ate at Krulls – the first time I have eaten out for weeks – but eating in Laf. is quite out of the questions with us – We try to eat before we go or after we come back. Sometimes we have stopped at the Triple X on the hill and get a sandwich and drink. The Krull children were going to the ball game at Remington and asked J. & M. to go along. I come home as soon as I finished eating so John could go. I am here with David now, trying to catch up with my correspondence while it’s nice and quiet (except for the stoker).

I saw Phyllis M. downtown and Art is soon to be traveling. He is to go to some eastern port for 8 weeks, then, who knows where. The Emmet Millers have a baby boy. Born just shortly after Emmet was sent out.

[page 4]  They were somewhere in the South – he was sent to N.Y. and she came home one day and had her baby the next. She made the trip part way by plane, so you can understand why. James William came 3 wks. early. She was in the hospital in Laf. but I didn’t try to see her today – I figured she would be home by now.

Mr. Z. had been in Laf. attending something at Purdue since Tues. Mrs. Z. was going down today to get him, but Virginia took a cold and Mrs. couldn’t go, so Lucile and I brought him back with us. I was going to take Alma today but she had another one of those terrible attacks last night and wasn’t able to go. She has been doctoring with Rumkorf since you are away. Jack told her to either go see him today or have him over but I haven’t talked to her this evening so don’t know whether she did either.

Yours of Dec. 3 came today – not bad, eh. Just hope you get mine as fast as you have been. If 18 months mean anything – oh well, you know the answer. Thanks again for the check. As I said before it will help a lot, as we are a little low.

Had a letter from Juanita and Ralph was going to be drafted so he joined the Navy, so you see the pre-Pearl Harbor fathers are being taken –

Love Mother

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Report Cards (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first day of Dec. – no mail today but probably will get some tomorrow. It was a little sunny today and I took David out for fresh air. He hadn’t been out this week (Mon. or Tues.) due to a slight cold which was not present today, so I thought fresh air would do us both good. We walked over to Johnsons but they weren’t home so went on over to Krulls. I hadn’t seen their kitchen since they had remodeled. They now eat their noon meal at home every day & Thurs. & Sun. are home since those days the restaurant is closed. They closed up the door that went into the pantry and made another at the south end of the dining room. They now have a bathroom with a shower off their kitchen. It is very nice with built in cupboards, new sink, etc. If you were home I think I would want to finish the room over the garage for the boys, but under the present circumstances I think it is best that we get along as is, but it’s something to plan for. Even with a new house there is always something to do (like finish the basement).

J. & M. brought home report cards today. John had Gen. Science A – English A+ – History & Arith. A – Ag. B+ – Physical Ed. S (Satisfactory) – Band A and Citizenship S. Mark’s grades went down, but

[page 2] I am not surprised. He isn’t quite up to par. I didn’t get him started on vitamins quite soon enough and I think he played too hard thru “their” football season. I set a new bed time for him which is 8:30 and am trying to get him rested some. He and Bobby are upstairs now working on a plane for Bobby. Mark is having trouble with arithmetic now – long division seems awfully hard for him. I have to help him every evening and he isn’t grasping it like he should. I think that is one cause for his present nervousness – he gets impatient about not getting his work rapidly. David is walking around the house playing with a muffin pan and a lid. He went to the stove and got them out of the drawer. We are slapping his hands now to teach him to leave things alone that sit around where he can reach. In the morning when I get up, I have sinus drainage and do some clearing, hacking and spitting. He imitates me. He is at the age where he tries to do a lot of things we do. Of course we think he is advanced for his age, but that’s our privilege.

Dorothy told me today that Ellsworth got a 3 month deferment – that Al is going to quit teaching next year ( he will be retired then) and run Ellsworth’s business while E. is in service. Now that is as told to me and things may change by then, but those are present plans.

I tried to do some Christmas shopping today but didn’t get much done. Got a box to send to Jim. Have a gift for Thelma – an English coin purse Bud K. made.

The weather is turning to the wet order. It is raining some now. Theresa Ann Tubberty just came to get Bobby – she helps Arlene after school. Louise is back but she isn’t able to work like she used to – I don’t know when she will have her baby – She probably won’t stay after Arlene gets back from the hospital and can get along. Bobby said his Mother was addressing Christmas greetings today – She has to get her things done early.

Love Mother

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Brooder House (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for a few days – the last being of Nov. 4. It is windy and cold today. The sun is shining but I haven’t been out. After the throat & sinus treatment of yesterday thought I had better stay out of the wind. My eyes are normal again after the refraction yesterday. I am to go Fri. (19th) for recheck and another nose & throat treatment.

The Zells went to Indpls. today. Clara M. is there today working and got lunch for the girls, but they are coming here to spend the night. C. Shirk is going to take care of the brooder house stove this eve.

[page 2] It won’t be long until they will have frys to sell. They want to have them all sold by Christmas so they can go home for the holidays. The brooder house is situated so I can see the chickens from the dining room windows – John says he doesn’t care so much for them because he can taste the cod liver oil. The mash they eat is highly treated with cod liver oil. However I notice he usually eats his share when we have “hot house” chicken. There was an announcement over the radio this a.m. that farmers can butcher and sell pork without a permit to get the present supply taken care of. There is at present more than the markets can handle so I am going to try & get a hog or half to put in the locker – Portteus promised me half of one they

[page 3] were to butcher but they haven’t mentioned it recently so may have disposed of it. As yet the locker that was to be built here hasn’t gotten thru Washington yet. I owe Brand’s our present rent but didn’t want to pay a whole year if Kent’s locker will be ready soon – but it won’t be soon if the plans have to wait in Washington for approval.

I am to go to Mark’s room tomorrow to help teach the children to knit. Mark wanted me to start him last night but my vision on close work was still too blurred. Buddy had a birthday yesterday & I forgot to get him a gift so must get a “doghouse” card and a gift for Mark to take to him this evening. Buddy asked Mark to dinner tonight. He wanted to have him last night but

[page 4] they were busy in the restaurant and didn’t get around to it. They are closed from 11 to 3 p.m. & then they are usually swamped. I suppose the people who used to eat lunch at noon just wait till evening and eat an early dinner.

The wind today is blowing any loose leaves around. They cling to places like our terrace in the back. I left leaves around the shrubbery and they seem to be staying put. David is in the nursery in the play pen. He jabbers so much and manages a few words. He can say kitty, wave & say bye-bye. Has said Dada & mom mom for a long time. Has another tooth almost thru. When left alone can be good for quite a while but if he sees me wants attention.

J. & M. both fine too.

Love Mother

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Scarcity of Film (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon – Dr. Cole was here to see other – He said he had to be back in the hospital by 5 – to do a section. I am going to take Mother back to the hospital for an x-ray – He said he would have McClelland & Baylee see her but he says he doesn’t think anything can be done. He thinks she would get an awful reaction from x-ray treatments. However we will get an x-ray to be sure about the mass in her bowels. He says he is sure it’s malignant. I told him I would bring her in some time this week. I am looking for Glenn to come any day now and hate to be gone when he comes. It’s been a week (will be tomorrow) since he started so he should be getting here any time.

Buddy Krull came out this afternoon to play with Mark and he has a terrible cold with a cough. I told Mark to keep him out in the yard away from David. Buddy probably got his cold on their trip in Wisconsin. They just got back yesterday.

[page 2] Last week was cold & cloudy and David didn’t get his usual quota of sunshine. I took him out this afternoon about an hour. He is a little rascal now, doesn’t want to take his afternoon nap. I tool some pictures of him today. Have to save the rest of the roll for his birthday Sept. 23 – so can’t send these out until I get the rest of the roll taken. Film is a scarce item now. I should have bought film ahead so I would have one roll for each month.

John is listening to his symphony programs this afternoon. Wed. school begins and then the “bigger half” of the neighborhood children will be in school again. Al is having a time getting teachers – Seems odd that only a few years ago there was a surplus of teachers and it required almost a pedigree to get a position – now the situation is reversed. Too many teachers I am afraid are in the W.A.C., W.A.V.E.S., etc. I suppose after the war the situation will be turned the other way again.

I think David has finally decided to go to sleep – Mark & Buddy have gone to Buddy’s house – I told Mark to come home in time for supper.

Love Mother

1943 - David playing with lawn chair

David, summer 1943

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Taylor Tot (Gladys)

1943-08-14 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another Sat. not so hot today – no mail but had your Aug. 6 letter on Aug. 12 – I was in town a few minutes this a.m. to get some groc., etc. Saw Lucile with Jimmy Ed – his eczema is about gone. She can put sun suits on him now & not cover his hands. He is a cute little fellow. She still has to be careful about what she feeds him & what he wears – no wool. She loaned me the buggy again – a tire came off David’s and Jimmy won’t stay in the buggy – he prefers the taylor tot – as soon as I get David’s cast off will try him in his taylor tot, but I am afraid he will try to climb out – he does so much reaching and climbing – Dorothy was out to see him this a.m. He was showing a little temper & she told him his Daddy would spank him if he were here. He knows what No! No! means and scolds when we say No! to him. Dorothy Diedam is thru nurses training – at present is home but is to go back to the hospital Sept. 6 in O.B. She came out this a.m. I gave Mother a Vit. B shot Tues. & going to give another today – I hope they help pick her up. Diedam told me Dr. Flack was back in Laf. on leave and another Dr. or two but don’t remember who. Flack had been in Panama. If Cole comes tomorrow he can tell me who has been back. Buddy is here today playing with Mark – they are fishing – It’s a good pastime if not profitable – We never overeat from their catch.

Love – Mother

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Teeth Like Yours (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug 13 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot Aug. day but a cooling breeze – The upstairs is very comfortable. Just went up to see Mother. She says she hasn’t any pain or soreness in stomach or bowels – but one spot in the bowel is shore – not being a Dr. or knowing too much about the anatomy I would say it is her colin [colon] that is sore. She was a lot of gas but I think that is due to not eating enough solid food. Her diet is more on the liquid order. I feed her the canned foods I give David. At noon I thickened some bouillon and gave you some pudding. She drinks milk every meal. Mrs. Jarrel had a chance to come up yesterday & go back today so she is here. Spent the night and has had a nice visit with Mother. I think your Mother is coming next week. Jaunita is planning to come sometime. I have the idea to let J. stay here and run things a few days and let me get a little vacation – not that I am feeling sorry for myself or anything of the sort but I am beginning to get a little tired and feel I should get away for a change. Dr. Cole said he would take the cast off David’s

[page 2] leg next Sat. – a week from tomorrow – and that will be a relief to me as well as to D. He should be easier to handle then – He is getting a little spoiled as things are now. However he has been very good thru it all. Dr. Cole didn’t make it here yesterday so I suppose he will come Sun. He said either Thurs. or Sun.

Emmett Miller & Olene were at Statons last night – they were going to spend the night and today here but got a call from Emmett’s home to come immediately – his father wasn’t expected to live thru the night. I haven’t heard any further about his father. They think E. will soon be sent out. He is to go to Tenn. next. By leaving so unexpectedly I didn’t get to see them.

Buddy is here this afternoon playing with Mark. Mark had to go to the dentist this P.M. Had one pulled & some fillings. He said Dr. Limp said his teeth are like yours – he can stand to have drilling done – and was he proud to think he is like Daddy about having his teeth fixed. Speaking of teeth – I am going to try & get a good picture of D. now with all his 5 teeth shining – they make him look even cuter – and his hair lays in soft ringlets all over his head – you can imagine the ah’s & oh’s he gets about his hair. Mary Parttens said it was a shame to waste that beautiful hair on a boy but I

[page 3] disagreed with her. I said that was just part of being “David.” Then she said yes it did help to make him cute – She says he is the cutest baby she has ever seen. Listen to the proud mother run on & on.

The detassling camp is broken up – They had some bread left over & Arlene sent the neighbors each a loaf. Bobby delivered. Donnie will soon be big enough to do things. Just think this time next year they should have a baby 8 mo. old.

The breeze seems to have stopped and am I sticky – I had such a big washing today – have to get Mark’s clothes ready to go to camp Monday.

We are to have a black-out next week but think I had better skip lightly over the subject. Just don’t tell anyone I told you.

Mr. Zell has to go with the 4-H group next week – Virginia is going to camp too, Mrs. Zell, Betty & Martha Jane are going to her mother’s so with Mark gone, we should have a quiet time from Mon. till Thurs. When all the children in the neighborhood get together it gets noisy around here.

David has awakened from a nap and John is in talking to him. He should talk early if talking to him will help.

The papers have come this week but I will try to relay the news in the next letter.

Love Mother

Mark (January 1943)

Mark (January 1943)

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T-Bone Steaks (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but had up to July 31 this week. It is hot today – but there is a good breeze. We picked green beans yesterday and canned 8 qts. today – we aren’t thru, but I had to stop & do some other things – one being to feed David – Mark now has him out in the buggy. Sammy & Buddy came to play with Mark. I told Mark he has to take care of David – all three boys are walking up & down the street (sidewalk) – Mark pushing the buggy. At present John is practicing – He just finished sorting music. The new piano bench wouldn’t hold all he had – so he decided to sort out all he doesn’t use & put it away. I have been so busy with the canning & David’s routine I haven’t had time to go upstairs today – I changed the bed before I came down this a.m. so could get the washer going early – John and Mark do the running up & down for me.

[page 2] Buddy was here for dinner. He said they were going with Funk’s on a trip. I suppose they will go some place in Wis. Bill has been so busy with the detassling this year. When it was over Arlene said he was worn out. They kept the boys at the Fairgrounds and this was the most they had had so far. There was a write-up about the camp in Prairie Farmer. They had a broadcast one day from the camp on the dinner bell hour. Bill’s job (one of them) was to see that there was enough food. There was a start of diahrea and he was worried about that, was afraid it would go thru the camp, but got it checked. Mr. Nelson is here now helping on a new elevator for the corn. It is almost due south of us, where the other buildings were built last year.

I sent John to town to get some meat this a.m. – he came back and said the only place he could find meat was Ford’s and they had two T-bone steaks – I sent him back to get them – the two cost .76¢ and took 16 points – We have a few can of salmon on hand so had salmon for dinner – I have some bacon & hens in the locker but won’t use them now – the meat situation may not improve so will save in case it doesn’t. We have beef promised from Parttens when they butcher this fall but might need some

[page 3] before then. Don’t worry about us and out meat problem, because we will get along. I still have chicken your Mother brought up. She may come again and if she does will have her bring more.

Kenneth is home on furlough and he drove the car to take John to T.H. – John said when he got off the bus in Laf. there were two girls who were meeting an uncle and they said “Hello Uncle Roscoe – “ Somehow he laughed about in incident. No offense whatever – I just mentioned it thought you might laugh too.

Mark & his company are in the front yard having some tall arguments. The children like to tell moron jokes. They are always coming in with something new about the little moron. Mark sometimes gets his riddles mixed up & tells us the answer first.

It’s 4 PM and more beans to work on and other things to do so must get busy.
Love Mother

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