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Point Rationing (Gladys)

1943-02-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Valentine Day and about 4 below. Last Sunday it was so warm we went out and took pictures but you can bet we didn’t flip around in the yard today. A little snow but not much but a cold wind. I got a box ready to send yesterday but I couldn’t send it because it’s too heavy. There is a 5 lb limit – so will have to break it down into two, so will try to get it mailed tomorrow. The band mothers are having their annual dinner for the band tomorrow night. It is a little early but they said we would have to have it before point rationing starts. I am not certain about everything that will be rationed but I know canned goods will be. I haven’t studied “point rationing,” but will before it starts. The second books will be issued next week. Have been trying to ration our meat before meat rationing starts. I don’t know how they will ration people with lockers. Glad we have one. Brands have a waiting list about a mile long. Paid for the half hog I had put in – it was $20 – also pd locker rent & processing – Mr. B. forgot to put the rent on when I paid him in Sept. – so withal pd. out about $45 for meat & locker but that will last us months. Bobby came up today to bring the boys valentines. He is cute as ever. He said David looked different than Donnie. He still runs away sometimes then has to stay in the house the rest of the day but the next day it’s the same thing again. Jimmy S. came over last nite with valentines. I asked Irene if she got the desk from the office. She said Newell wouldn’t give it up. I wrote you she asked to rent or buy it – I told her she could use it if Newell would let her take it. He says he things he will be in Service by next June but I wouldn’t hazard a guess. There has been some talk lately about who will have to go next but nothing definite. Louise Glenn is here on a visit and came up this evening. She left Johnny at home with Franklin & his mother. Johnny is as large as most 3 yr olds and is about year & half. Hope you get the bones in good time. I put in two Sunday papers. Couldn’t get any film for you.

Love Mother

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A tooth filled (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

To begin with I had my tooth filled today and after all that has to be done now is to polish it and then all will be OK again. The thing the dentist put in the other day was a shock absorber. It didn’t hurt very much when he drilled because it was fixed so soon after the damage was done.

Just got to wondering today if you ever got a sugar ration card for D. and if you ever turned mine back. Then too I was wondering how the meat rationing was taken care of. The coffee and our today’s news said shoes were on the list – Maybe you have written those things but I haven’t received the

[page 2] complete dope as yet. Really doesn’t make any difference only those are things we wonder about. I suppose you often would like to know about things here that we don’t even think of writing – if so ask. If your questions can’t be answered I’ll let you know. I don’t believe you ever did acknowledge the picture (airplane view) I sent – possibly you have but the letter hasn’t arrived as yet.

Last night I wrote the Plummers and Ira Dixon – I’m trying to catch up a little. I was about half asleep when writing Ira’s so if he should mention that I was writing sorta funny – That was the reason.

On the show last night there was a Donald D. and a Feature Speciality

[page 3] both were short but rather amusing.

I suppose you have read lots and hear lots over the radio of Flinn the movie actor and his troubles. We get little sketches of the proceeding – Rather a musty affair if you get what I mean. We have had several of his pictures here and I wonder how they will go over at home. Anything will go over out here although the show “They Won’t Forget” was a flop with a Double P. even though it was rated a 4.0 picture.

After the show and mail – show not much good – mail better. You v-mail letters of Jan 20 (2), 21, 23 and 25 came today and Mark’s of Jan 19. I suppose you have my word on the taxes. Don’t pay them only

[page 4] enough to keep out of jail – I’m afraid you won’t get all the deductions. I can deduct for the office equipment depreciation the same as last year as I understand it. Probably you have my letters about that by now anyway drop the whole thing.

Your last letter by ordinary air mail was Jan 14. So the v-mail is faster but keep writing air mail. I wouldn’t take D. out in the cold weather – leave him in until Spring – would be better for both of you to stay inside most of the time.

Got a box from Bill & Jewell today – smoking tobacco and the several Indianapolis Stars. Will have Sunday Star for Jan

[page 5] to write them in a day or two.

Baby D. must be some boy weighing that much in his 4 months. I don’t even want to offer any suggestions to his feeing schedule because I might be extremely incorrect now. However, it should not make the slightest difference in the canned milk used. Just so it is a standard brand.

Well, keep writing both kinds of letters and I surely will be glad to get the pictures. I wish I would have had you had yours tinted – etc. Anyway it will be better than any I have of you. Hope to get more mail tomorrow but it probably will be another 10-12 days now

Love Daddy

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Pretty well up to date (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 22-1943

Dear Daddy –

Have been writing V-mail this week but thought I would try this again. As far as my letters going by air in the past I am sure most of them didn’t the way you haven’t rec’d them. I wish I could do something to speed the delivery at your end of the line. I have gotten 7 letters this week – The last dated Jan 12 so that makes mine pretty well up to date.

It is sunny this morning and the boys are back in school after being out due to blizzard Tues & snow drifts making travel uncertain. Three days this week school was out. I suppose they will have to make that time up somehow, but school was started early last fall so they could get out earlier in the spring. We still have snow. I started to run the car in the garage and got stuck in the snow – Had to

[page 2] shovel the snow away from the tires. The first sow we had was Sept 25 while I was in the hospital. Clara M. said we would have 25 snows this winter and I am beginning to believe it. Last night the moon was full and it made the snow look beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the front yard Wed. after the wind Tues. The snow was blown in drifts and it looked like rock formation. Then the mail man came along and walked across it and spoiled the scenic effect. There are tracks over it in every direction now and it isn’t very pretty. It has been so cold and so much firing there is a lot of soot on it now.

Bill brought us a load of wood on his wheelbarrow. He said he would keep us supplied. He called me Tues night and said he was writing you a letter. They were so glad to hear from you. Arlene is going to review the article in

[page 3] Nat’l Geographic for Literary Club and has asked me to help her out some. I am going to loan her the shells & necklace for display. I gave your Mother some of the shells you sent and gave Betty & Buddy a few. We still have a dish full that we show off when anyone comes who hasn’t seen them. I haven’t mounted the coral yet but have been trying to get an idea how to do it.

In your letter rec’d today you wondered what rationing is like. So far it hasn’t bothered us because I get all the coffee I need and 4 gal gas a week in winter is more than I have used – due to so much snow haven’t traveled much. The meat situation hasn’t bothered us due to the locker and Parttens have promised us another quarter from one they are fattening now. Zells got 300 baby chicks and they are getting almost heavy enough to fry so think I’ll buy a few and put in the locker – if they aren’t too high. I don’t believe

[page 4] the price will be any lower in the spring. I told you before they have a chicken house directly north of their house. He is more like a farmer than any Agent we have had here in the last three. I said something about them living on a farm and Mrs. Z. said the farmers in this county don’t want their agent living on a farm for competitive reasons. Mr. Z. says he is going to have the entire back part of their lot in garden this summer – I think he is inclined to be a little “hot headed” but they have been good neighbors and have gone out of their way to help us. They aren’t the card playing, drinking kind. In fact they don’t even play cards. They have 3 girls and the Mr. wanted a boy so bad he was almost reduced to tears when the last girl was born. Hope I haven’t bored you talking about the Zells but I got started and kept on rambling.

Irene was over Sat. afternoon. She is still talking like she did before you left about working. She seems to be developing a nervous

1943-01-22 Yegerlehner, David 1943-01-22 Yegerlehner, Gladys (Foster) with David

[page 5] complex and can’t stand to be in crowds. She went to see Dr. Cole and he told her if she didn’t get better she would have to rest in the hospital. She said she wrote you a letter – Maybe she told you about her symptoms. She doesn’t look sick but that doesn’t always mean anything. We took some pictures in the den and the one enclosed shows the baby pretty good. He will be 4 mo old tomorrow and if the weather permits we are going to Hubertz and have some pictures made – of all of us. The pictures I took with our camera do very good for indoors but aren’t as good as in the sunlight. If I had a speed Kodak I could do better, but it will be warm enough before long and we can go out in the yard for pictures.

As yet the uniform money hasn’t come. I am going to see Agnes and get the taxes figured out. Have the figure you sent. She says we should file separate returns but I don’t know all about that – Have only talked to her on the phone so far. Will

[page 6] go to her office and get it all straightened out next week.

Florence Puetz called me yesterday. Their baby boy born Dec 13 is growing too. He weighed 6-9 at birth and now is over 8 lbs. She said he is growing faster than Rita did. She goes to Dr. Cole. Said Ray had the flu and both children had had colds. There seems to be a lot of sickness around but that is to be expected this time of year with the weather as it has been.

Going back to rationing subject – what seems queer around here now is the filing stations closed at night – most of them – and John Krull’s restaurant closed. Also Boonies little place by Standard is closed temporarily. Dorothy says they have all the noon trade they can take care of. I suppose they would get some increase from the other two places.

The papers came today but I haven’t read them yet. David is taking a little nap before his 2 P.M. bottle – then he will be awake most of the afternoon – Will be glad when I can take him out again.


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Protected: The Day After Christmas (Gladys)

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A news update (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 3 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but I hardly expected any since yesterdays mail brought up to the 20th of Nov. So glad when you say you get mail and find out the things about us you want to know. I just checked the bank statement and we now have a bal of 797.47 – but that includes the money you sent for my birthday & the Christmas check. There will be some Ins. due this month and I have to pay the grocery bill but even then we will still have a good bal. Haven’t paid for the last quarter of beef I ordered from Brandt. He didn’t have it in the locker last week. I am going to try and get some more pork to put in. John has been somewhat worried over meat rationing but I think he will be able to get along. I have to buy coffee this week or wait five more weeks to get any. I could get along without it but since I am entitled to the amount rationed am going to get it in case we should have guests who like it or just in case I decide to drink it myself (does that make sense?) I won’t be able to use my gas ticket this week if it stays so cold because who wants to go anyplace in this weather? I must drive the car enough to keep the battery up if possible. We didn’t get the snow shoveled off the driveway and

[page 2] since all the snow it has remained so cold the snow stays. Makes it look like Christmas time. I suppose by the 25th it will be warm and no snow, but I would just as soon have a little warmer weather. David is raising a little racket. Had his two P.M. bottle and I put him on the bath table to kick in the sun, but he got tired of that and I put him in his basket again. I gave him orange juice again this morning and he kept it down. He weighed 10-6 this morning. We measured him yesterday and he is 23” long. He doesn’t look fat and I suppose that is due to the growth in length, because he has gained 4 lbs 3 oz since we came home 8 weeks ago. – – – a few hours later – After John came home I went to town. Mark went with me and John stayed with David. Still too cold to take him out. I hadn’t been out for two days and thought I needed some fresh air, and after a trip to town I can usually write a little letter because I usually hear something or make observations. While in Sears Alex Gilmour happened to be there and gave me a check for $23²⁵. Wish I could pick up a few more like that. I stopped at the Kentland Furniture to get one of their small desk calendars to send to you & Geo said he would send you one. I gave him your address and also gave it to Jack Byrnes. I went in there to get a prescription filled. I had been taking liver & Vit B shots but thought I should be able to get along on oral dosage now, so told Dr. C. and he gave me a prescription. I think it was Betron – anyway it contains liver, vit B, iron, etc – I also got the boys a bottle of Vi –Delta. They like that

[page 3] and I think they should have it along with their cold shots. I got awfully tired taking shots and thought I would try the tonic and if I feel I need shots later still have liver & Vit B and can take them. So much for the family health program. I clipped a few items from the Democrat I thought might interest you. The Enterprize didn’t come today, as usual. Also you will note the Blondie strip. We are still having the singing advertisements so we got quite a “kick” out this particular cartoon.

This is being purely catty – but I saw a woman in town with a black eye – you remember the Zumbrums – no doubt – Now I wonder how she got that shiner, or do I? they still owe their bill so she isn’t too anxious to speak to me. Perhaps I imagine that because those kind are seldom bothered by their obligations.

Bob Hufty called me today to tell me he had a letter from you. I saw Ira D. in town and he said he had written. He will give you all the low down. Bob said he told you about a boy from Kentland in New C. – but he is the Army so you probably don’t know him – I mean you don’t see him. I never did get to talk to Mrs. Ash. I tried to call her once when in Laf. but didn’t get an answer. She wrote to me once and I answered.

I sent a subscription order in for Reader’s Digest for your Mother & Dad’s Christmas gift. I couldn’t think of anything they needed and I won’t have time to do much shopping. Ruthie said Floyd wanted to send them “Look,” so if they do that they can keep up with the news in print & pictures.

Meredith Wilson later became well known for his beloved musical “The Music Man” (Image from Wikipedia Commons)

In listening to Maxwell House Coffee time this evening learned that Meredith

[page 4] Wilson the orchestra leader has enlisted in the Army. Mayor Latrivia on Fibber’s program appeared for his last program Tues before going into Service and Jack of “One Man’s Family” was on for his last show Sunday evening. Maybe you can get some of those programs I imagine you would enjoy hearing them. Wish you had the radio from our bedroom – or any radio that you could get good reception over. Now why didn’t we think of that and a dozen or so of other things before you left.

Mr. Zell came over this evening and asked if there was anything he could do for us. He thought we might need some help with the furnace. There was a large ring that he broke up and took out. I had worked on it earlier but didn’t hit it hard enough. It was just like a rock but red hot. I saw Bun in town and asked him when he would bring out more coal. He said they had a letter from you. The coal pile has quite a hole in it so I am going to have it filled up again.

The boys have gone to bed – they did stay up until 10 – when I take David up but they got so they couldn’t wake up very gracefully so I put a new rule into effect – 9 P.M. Bed time. There isn’t any use for me to try to go to bed before 10 – because of that bottle feeding but I sleep till 7:30 usually so don’t need to go to bed so early. I am about to run out of space and anything to say so will wind this up and start getting things ready for going upstairs, because when D gets awake he wants his bottle and it will soon be time.

Love Mother

P.S. am buying bonds every month

P.S. 2 just rec’d the greeting & post card

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The Country Side is Pretty Fine (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 2, 1942
Dear Mother,

Just after evening chow – so maybe I can get this off before work because I can’t miss a show. Don’t know what it will be but as I’ve said before that doesn’t matter.

Red bottlebrush tree (Photograph from

I was out two directions from town today. On business this time and the country side is pretty fine. There are some large widly [wildly?] spreading trees which have a bright red flower and they are real pretty – just a mass of red. Every once in a while the odor of Gardenias can be smelled and that’s pretty fine only it’s sorta spoiled by the bust because it’s been ever so long since we’ve had rain. People don’t seem to suffer from lack of rain however. They have a crude system of irrigation. Most of the gardens rather fields are small and on hillsides and about the middle of these there is a series of barrels one set lower than the next in line. Ech Each is connected by a trough and it seems the top barrel is filled until it runs into the next and so on. From each of these pipes lead sideways or they carry water in buckets. Where the water comes from at the top I’m not sure. When you drive past these the odor of human manure is pretty strong, so I have a suspicion they don’t buy fertilizer. And I

[page 2] also don’t want any of the green vegetables. In fact I’ll take the dried food from the U.S.A. It may be worse but I don’t know that.

Our breeze has been good again today but the sun hot. I’ve said that so much you are probably tired of hearing it but it still is true and fills up space. No mail today – none came into camp – just one of those no letter days. Of course we are always expecting and when we get mail regularity for a few days it seems very hard when it doesn’t come.

The coffee rationing must be hard on your mother. She won’t have enough to go more than 2-3 days out of the week. We have plenty of coffee here – In fact the Navy lives on coffee.  A pot is brewed in some divisions both morning and afternoon. I haven’t gotten the habit that bad yet.

It’s almost show time so I’ll try to add the remainder after that. Thur. morn – put my laundry to soak last night and didn’t get back to finish this letter. Not much to add. The name of the show was “Topper Returns.” It was about like some of the Shadows programs over the radio. Fantastic but entertaining.

So Solong

Love Daddy

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Topics for conversation (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec 1, 1942

Dear mother,

I’m starting this early after noon day chow – Don’t know why – just didn’t have anything else to do. Our weather contrary to the past few days has been very cool. In fact last night we almost had to go to bed to get warm. Of course the sun is still hot but there is a much better breeze than the past few days. Weather always makes good conversation and since there isn’t much to write about it sure takes a beating.

Number two topic is mail but so far today that is a blank – but we never give up with that until after 1700. So I’ll save space near the end to give the latest report on that. Comparing my mail with many of the others around here I’m far ahead of them.

We have most of our rearranging done and now we have a room 16’ x 16’ with only three of us. There is a small dormer on each side about 4 feet wide which gives us a pretty good cross breeze.

Govt Got paid yesterday and had to pay my months mess bill. My pay for the half month was 46 – and the mess bill was 16.50 so I should have enough left for beer, tobacco, etc. In a few months I can send a little more home again but it takes time to build up much of a reserve. My share now amounts to about 92-3 $ per month and mess etc comes out of that not to forget stamps and writing paper which you’d be surprised how it counts up. So you see you are getting the lion’s share of the salary. But then you have everything to keep up so why not.

[page 2] We really can get along financially better than when I was at Norfolk because expenses are much less here.

We have a loud speaker here now for announcements. Something like in a hospital and it seems to be going most of the time. Even the bugle was blown over it this A.M. and there was no doubt about it being heard.

I suppose by now the stores are all getting ready for Christmas and are they putting up the town decorations this year as of old? I haven’t been to town for some time so don’t know what it being done here. It will be interesting to see what they do do during this time of year.

If I don’t get too lazy I’m going to write Floyd & R. this P.M. but I feel like first of all I should have a little relaxation. I’ll finish later.

The show is over – “The Magnificent Fraud” was pretty good. The winds blew pretty hard in our open air show house but the stars are pretty over head and since there is no moon now they stand out very pretty.

There was no mail in camp today so that was easily settled – maybe we’ll have better luck next time.

Well so long until next time
Lots of love

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A beautiful snow (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 29 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Dunlop Street - abt November 1942 #2Sunday afternoon and nearly time for Gildersleeve. John is working on his composing and Mark has gone out to get some snow to make ice cream. We had a beautiful snow beginning yesterday late in the afternoon & lasting through the night. It is the scenic kind and the shrubs were bending over from the weight. I took two pictures of the house and if they are good will send you one so you can think about our weather and maybe it will help you to imagine a cold Christmas now. We also took some pictures of the baby in the Den but don’t know whether the reflection from all the snow outside will make enough light. David weighed 10 lbs this morning and is really beginning to show signs of getting fat. Dr. Cole gave me a list of things to start him on beginning with his third month – egg yolk (3d mo.), cereal (4 mo.), vegetables (5 month) & fruit (6 mo). He said for me to take him off the 2 am feeding but he still wakes

[page 2]up for it and seems so hungry – I am still giving it to him but hope he will drop the habit himself. Last night (or rather this morning) when I was feeding him I noticed the furnace kept running – so I went down to see what was wrong. The top door was open so of course the temperature couldn’t build up. I shut the door and everything was “OK” again. Mark blew a fuse so our lights were out upstairs last night. I had Mr. Monroe come out to fix a drain and he said he wanted to look over the furnace again – He had checked it while I was in the hospital so it is in good running order now.

Statons were gone over the week-end and when they came home this evening had to stop before entering their driveway – due to the heavy snow covering it. I think Mrs. James & Jimmy had taken a vacation over Thanksgiving – due to gas rationing starting Tues – they like a lot of other folks took one last trip. I don’t know what rating Link will get – having to drive to work but he will get more than the 4 per we will get. Earl was worrying about not being

[page 3]get enough to drive to work – but I think he will be taken care of.

John & Mark have gone to the Sunday evening youth fellowship meeting. There is to be a social hour to follow so don’t know how long they will be gone.

Lucile Johnson went with us to Laf. Fri. She said she had been on a milk diet – her urine showed a trace of albumin and the Dr. wouldn’t allow her to have anything but milk for four days. She was very hungry and said she didn’t like diets and this would be her last pregnancy. I told her she wouldn’t feel that way about it after it is all over. Mrs. Beekman had her baby this week – I thought she would have her baby before I had David. Dr. M. said she had him worried because she gained 50 lbs.

It is less than a month till Christmas. I don’t know what we will do – due to gas rationing Ruth & Earl won’t be able to go anyplace and I don’t want to

[page 4] take the baby away from home as young as he is. Haven’t heard from Ruth & Floyd for a week so don’t know what they are thinking about doing Christmas. Floyd will be able to get more gas so they may go home.

Had a letter from Jim and he is trying to get a furlough to start Dec. 30 – so they won’t be here till after Christmas – if he does get to come. I have been trying to write this through several radio programs so am not sure whether I am making sense or not, and I haven’t been out since Fri so don’t have any news.

I will send a box this next week and maybe you will get it by Dec 25. I’ll put in the mosquito cream, and a few other odds & ends.

I am getting hungry – don’t know whether I can hold out for the boys to come back – We had baked chicken & dressing for dinner so there is plenty to pick on this evening.

I owe several letters so will try to get some written this evening.

Love Mother

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Still more to do (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

3 P.M. and still more to do today than I’ll get done but somehow it doesn’t worry me. We didn’t get up until 8:30 this morning and had to give David his orange juice first thing then after we had breakfast it was time to mix formula & bath D. Had some washing to do then it was lunch time – never a dull moment, but as I have said before under present circumstances it is better to keep busy. No letters this morning but probably will get several Monday (I hope). I called Mrs. Roberts this morning – was going to have her bring her children & come over tomorrow but said she was going to Cisna [Cissna] Park. However she promised to come Monday if possible. She asked for your address so she could send it to Joe. I told her I had sent his to you. Maybe you two will get to corresponding some day. I went into the Drug Store to get a stamp and saw Charlie Largent. He is home on leave just before departure for parts unknown. Said he had a letter from Henry Reinhart. You should be getting one – as I sent him your address

[page 2] Had a letter from Uncle Wes and he said he sent you a number of Tribune maps. He also said he would send more so I won’t try all send a box of sardines, crackers & mosquito cream. That is if I can get the sardines. You know sardines and salmon are two things not being sold wholesale any more. I have one can of salmon – I don’t know what I am saving it for, but know I can’t get any more.

Had a caller – Clara Molter. She is going to come Tues & help me & I hope to get the housecleaning finished. Since I started writing this it has started to snow & there is a thin white coat on the ground. Don’t think it will last long tho. It melts when it light on the sidewalks.

John had a committee meeting to attend for a party the young people of the church are having. Buddy is here playing with Mark. Buddy just told me he thought David a pretty baby. We agreed with him. Right now David is having a little trouble getting comfortable – seems to be squirming around a lot.

I must write to your mother and it is about time to send this to the P.O. so will excuse myself for a short letter and promise to write a long one tomorrow (Sunday) –

Love Mother

Had 2 letters 11-25-42
No mail again today

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Thanksgiving 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 26 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Thanksgiving Day and lunch over – including David’s. He just finished his 2 P.M. feeding. We lunched rather lightly because we are going to Krulls for supper and thought we had better go with good appetites. It is cold today but sunny. We did a small washing and the clothes froze while hanging them out so that can give you an idea of how crisp it is. Yesterday it was warm enough to hang things without gloves on. This kind of weather make me want a warm coat but really haven’t had an opportunity to get one yet. The mail was delivered this morning but no letters from you. I am anxious to get the letters you sent the money in so I can report to you. The one mailed the 18th came yesterday but there are three or four previous to that date that haven’t come yet. They often come in such a manner. Yesterday one came dated the 11th and I had already received the 12-13-14-& 15th.

John and Mark are washing dishes and being very pokey this

[page 2]being a holiday they aren’t very fast doing things. John’s report card was better this month than Mark’s. I mean John raised some of his grades and Mark dropped on his. Mark got A+ on Band but that was the only grade that high.

Uncle Wes stopped again this morning. He and Paul Harris were returning to Chi. Maybe he and Aunt Jessie will come down Sunday to spend the day – since gas rationing will start Monday. He thought I could get a better rating for gas on the strength of collecting bills, but I told him no. He was trying to tell me how to collect some of those accounts but I doubt if anything short of suing would get some – or most. The  check Amel Taylor gave me that bounced I put back in the bank and they are to run it though when & if he puts any more money on deposit. We should be able to collect all those accounts – the way most people are making money now. If I thought it would do any good I would send you a list and have you mail statements from there and make a plea – but I suppose it would be a waste of paper & air mail stamps.

I gave you Dr. Joe’s address some time back but will give it to you again so in case you didn’t get the first you might possibly run into him but that would be almost too good wouldn’t it? I went to see her two weeks ago and she wasn’t home. I should go again before rationing starts.

[page 3] I don’t know why, but it gives me such satisfaction to put a real address on your letters. Maybe you will get better mail service now. I hope. Just hope you get the birthday box & cards we sent.  You should get your Mother’s box before Christmas because she didn’t specify it as Christmas mail. We were instructed to mark all boxes intended for that date as such.

The Zell girls brought some ice cream over for the boys. It had turkey figures on it. They said their Daddy was coming over to clean out our furnace this afternoon. I told them to thank him but John and I had already done the job. I don’t mind having people do things for us we can’t do ourselves but I want to do all we can. Link said he would clean the leaves out of the guttering and I think I’ll let him do that job. Now that the leaves are all off it can be done.

I have been thinking about Christmas gifts for your Mother & Dad and I believe I will send them a subscription for Reader’s Digest. While here this week she read some from ours and I believe she & Dad would enjoy them. Kenneth said he liked to read them. I showed him some articles we had read and he read them and said he thought they were good. That is the most I had been around Kenneth. He certainly is a fine boy. He seemed to enjoy his visit and I [he] never seemed to be bored like some his age would have been without someone his

[page 4] own age to be with.

Bart told me he had written you and filled his letter with town gossip so that takes care of that sort of news and I won’t try to include such in my letters – in fact I don’t know much about the local scandals.

There was a notice from the Laf. Life Ins. to the effect if you want a urine [?] analysis you may have a free examination – but I hardly think you will be interested. There were slips from John Hancock for those dividends we take off our premiums every year. I don’t know whether I am sure about what to do with them or not – as you remember we have had a mix up on that every time. Don’t worry about the taxes. Agnes is taking care of things in that line for us, so just forget about it. I won’t quote the bank bal. today but will give you a report after the checks come the first of Dec. I haven’t been spending anything but am getting a chest of drawers for the baby things. It is in the unfinished wood and will fit in the den with some shelves of the same make. I am getting this from Sears. You know the shelves we wanted to put in the Den when we built the house. Now that we can drive only so far a week and aren’t spending money on much else I thought I could squeeze out enough to buy the things I mentioned and maybe consider would you want me to send you a good wrist watch? Let me know – if so I will

Love –
Mother (over)

J.M. Roberts Lt Cmdr Mobile Hosp #4 U.S.N.R. Fulcrum c/o P.M. San Francisco Calif.

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