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Everything Excepting David (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 2 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but had June 21 – 22 & 23 this week. Some are still enroute earlier than those but they will come – they always do. It is still chilly enough to have heat in the house. The fire went out last nite so had to clean the furnace & start a fire this morning to get wash water hot. I want to take Mother down to Dr. M. this afternoon. Would have this

[page 2] morning but didn’t get around in time. David didn’t wake up till 7 a.m. so that made his next meal come at 11 – by the time I got him taken care of it was getting on past 11:30 and I didn’t want to go in so late before the noon hour. Everything (excepting David) is so quiet around here with J. & M. gone – the Zell’s gone – and Jimmy kept inside. Mrs. James is getting ready to go stay with Margaret a while – She is expecting her baby any time. She told Mother she didn’t know how long she would stay – She has had such a time with Jimmy this summer

[page 3] I know she is glad to get away for a while. She has been taking liver shots and doesn’t seem to get much better but I think it’s the strain she is under. Irene is taking a 2 week vacation. They are going over to Monticello for a week and then stay home a week. This will be the first time Mrs. J. has been away from Jimmy for about 2 ½ years. I intended to give you a complete acc’t of our finances today but haven’t had time yet to figure things out – have been doing week-end work all morning. Will try to get it for next letter then if you get this one & not the next you will wish it had been in this one.

[page 4] My checks came this morning, so will have to go the bank today. You know they come in ants of 170 & 30. I have been moving around all morning & getting hungry so will stop & get something to eat. – after a few minutes pause I’ll try and add a line. I glances thru the Newton Co. E. and saw a letter from Vincent Clark – he is in North Africa. John Ade and Emory Richards are in the Navy Training Station at Purdue. I told you before Cliff Shandy is in Harvard Navy Training School. He got an Ensign. – Speaking of rain – we have had over 12 inches of rain since May – It hasn’t rained since last Sat. – It has been too cool –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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July First (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 1 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first of July and chilly enough to have heat turned on. And after all the intense heat in June. Just the kind of weather to expect back home in Indiana. It is a relief tho, and it has its points, even tho the corn doesn’t grow so fast in weather like this – so much more for Indiana “corn.” I am trying to get this written before the mail man comes so he can take it. With J. & M. & Zell girls gone I have to go to town myself to do anything and thought I would get my daily letter written then wouldn’t have to worry about

[page 2] going to town. Yesterday I rec’d yours of June 21 & 22 – however there are a few June letters still en route earlier than those rec’d. I am wondering if you are still getting the pictures I send once a month. The last I send was on June 26, the photographer’s picture of David for his 9th month.

I went to town yesterday and took a specimen of urine for mother in Dr. M. Dorothy ran the tests on it and said she found infection sugar & albumin. Dr. M. had given Mother Sulfasuxadine and said to continue two more days then bring her back in – She gets up every morning and dresses but lies down most of the time on the couch.

[page 3] I saw Lucile in town. She had Jimmy Ed. He is quite a young man. Is about to sit alone. He still has eczema but I think it’s gradually leaving. He has hair now and doesn’t scale any more. I suppose he will just have to outgrow the “stuff.” Ed is having an allergy – it’s between his fingers – how uncomfortable – don’t I know – well Lucile called me yesterday morning about the H.C.L. I used & she used – Ed has had the condition some time now & Lucile wanted him to try our remedy. I am having a touch of the thing now – I think it’s due partly to the drastic change to cooler weather. My fingers are a little swollen. I

[page 4] had to get up last night and put the lotion I always use to keep from rubbing them. They are better this morning – I missed the mail – just got your letter of June 23 – in which you were talking about a heat lamp – I would think a sun bath would be hot enough. – Maybe that would be too hot.

Mother had a letter from Dolores yesterday. She said it had been hot & dry in Washington – I thought it was raining everywhere the way it kept raining here. We haven’t had rain now since Sat. & this is Thurs. so maybe our rain is over for a while. – – This is afternoon – I have put out one washer of clothes since I started to write, had lunch and done a few odd jobs around here.

[page 5] The Democrat came and I looked it over for any news of interest to you but failed to find anything unusual. I saw an ad in a magazine about spam. There was a Navy officer’s picture & telling about how glad the boys were to get spam. I just laughed to myself and thought that wasn’t the way I heard it. I didn’t use all our red points in June. I was talking to Arlene about having points left over – She suggested that I stock upon spam, etc. I told her I would be afraid to have it on hand when you came home, so she agreed with me it would be better for me to buy something else. We

[page 6] didn’t use all the red points but when Parttens’ butcher in the fall I’ll have to turn in enough points to cover half or quarter of beef – which I get. Milk (canned) takes meat points but we still have enough. I bought 24 cans this week. I intend to keep David on canned milk thru the summer yet. He is awake now trying to shake his bed apart. The screws do loosen and I have to tighten them up once in a while. He looks at me and laughs when he isn’t sucking his thumb. I can see him from where I am sitting. I will have to get his dinner ready.

Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

David at 9 months

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Mother Isn’t Well Enough (Gladys)

1943-06-28Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I missed writing yesterday (Sunday) but took John & Mark to Wilmington to spend the week. Mother isn’t well enough to travel so Mrs. Zell & their girls went with us so I would have company coming back. I took Mother to Dr. M. and he is having her take sulfasuxadine and continue with Bepron. He is giving sulfa for her bowels. You know her condition and now it’s worse, with pain when she has a B.M. Your Mother would like for us to come down but I can’t plan to go visiting while Mother isn’t well. David is trying to go to sleep. We took him yesterday and he is tired from the trip – Sat. P.M. we had a windstorm that took more branches down and a part of one of Statons’ trees. Yesterday when we passed Bert McCartney’s place we saw one of those large trees in their front yard had been torn apart. I think it was the largest tree. I sent you a picture of David by Air Mail Saturday. Sent your Mother one and one to Dave & Marie. Haven’t had any mail for several days but had up to June 12 last week. I had to get a new battery for the car. Cost $12.95. With the ins. that has to be paid in July and counting July 1 check I should have a balance of about $150.00 (counting all bills pd including house payment) so maybe I can squeeze out a bond again, but would rather pay off the Ins. loan on my policy. Will let you know what I do.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Neighborhood News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 26 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot sultry day. It looks like rain and once in a while there is a breeze but days like this makes Mother awfully weak. I stopped in to see Dr. M. and asked him about her and he said Bepron was a fine tonic and for her to keep on taking it. While I was there he asked me if I wanted to see the X-Ray of Ruthie Parttens – He showed it to me and was he mad – Mary wanted a bone specialist to see her a few days after Dr. M. had taken care

[page 2] of her and that insulted him but he told them to get someone else – they had Berkhiser from Chicago and he said everything had been done that could be – Dr. M. said he got so sick and tired of people spending their money on specialists. At any rate he says Ruthie is getting along first rate and the rumor that she wouldn’t walk again was rumor there was nothing to it. She is so lively they can hardly keep her in bed. I want to go over and see her but the car is in the garage today. Couldn’t start it yesterday so we pushed it and got it started and stopped at Sondergrath.

[page 3] Will report later on the trouble.

Had a letter from Ruth M. and she wants me to send J. & M. over for a week or so and then the rest of us come for the 4th but Mother doesn’t feel well enough to go any place now and as hot as it is I really would rather stay home with David. Zell’s are going away Wed. for a week and they want J. & M. to mow the lawn while they are gone. However if they want to go to Ruth’s I won’t keep them home. Ruth & Floyd are going to C.C. for the 4th & wanted us to got too so they could take some more movies of David, but I don’t want to go on such a long trip when it’s so hot, and I can’t plan to go

[page 4] any place while Mother doesn’t feel so well. She said for us to go ahead & go but I wouldn’t want to leave her alone.

Glenn called us yesterday. He talked and his wife talked – he talked to all of us. Had the baby by the phone and we could hear him. I wrote and told him Mother didn’t feel so well and I think he was pretty worried about her. He wanted your address; you may hear from them. His wife’s name is Pauline. The picture enclosed is I think good of David but John says David is better looking than the picture. However I think you can get a good idea what he is like because he laughs so much. After his bath he

[page 5] has curls but after a while they fall down. There are two teeth in front but one show plainer than the other. He is in his bed now singing a song. It is time for him to take a nap so he is in the nursery alone.

Parr’s were in town yesterday. Harlan is having a vacation but has to be back in Tuscola July 4 for work. He is very tan and so is Carolyn, more so than Dorothy & Nancy. They thought David was a pretty fine boy. Harlan still wants a boy. Dorothy said she thinks she has all she can do to take care of two girls.

[page 6] Dorothy Krull said yesterday that Bill Funk wants them to go on a vacation trip together. Dorothy said they would have to close the restaurant and she doesn’t know whether they will or not. I told her if they go to be sure Bill knows where he is taking them.

Had to stop and take baby clothes off the line – a storm was brewing and what a storm – this one took a good portion of the tree by Statons driveway – They have gone to Indpls. And will have to get the tree off their driveway before they can get in when they come back.

[page 7] Mrs. James & Jimmy went along and Bobby was sent home from Zells for misdemeanor so before the storm the neighborhood was rather quiet. It vibrates at times when things get going good.

After the rain started Mark put on his bathing trunks but he didn’t stay out long. It is cooler now since the rain – something we all appreciate. If this summer continues like this we have a lot of hot weather to look forward to. I had to repot a cactus plant – It was on the window sill and the strong wind blew it over and knocked the cactus out of the pot.

[page 8] The storm has let up and the Zell girls & J. & M. are out playing hide & seek. There is still a lot of thunder so maybe it will rain more.

Your mention of the shells makes me think of the box you sent from Noumea that didn’t come. The one that had the necklace you thought prettier than the one I rec’d. I doubt if it ever comes now – it has been so long.

I must get this ready to mail, so John can do to the P.O.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Dr. Matthews & Dr. Cole (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 16 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The 100⁰⁰ ck finally came – two letters May 12 & 13 came today. At that time you were not getting any mail but in the bunch of letters that came Mon. you had been getting some.

Mark and I went to Laf. with Arlene & Rosemary yesterday – I wanted to have Dr. C. look at Mark’s throat. He said it was in good shape – healed fine. I never saw Dr. C. look so haggard. He looked like he hadn’t had any sleep the night before. He always asks about you and usually talks some. Yesterday he did inquire about you but he didn’t say much else. He looked like he could

[page 2] hardly move.

Marie Steinbaugh is in the hospital for an operation on her breast. I suppose she had the same thing I had. However, it started paining very bad all at once and she went to see Dr. M. She said she wouldn’t go to any hospital but St. E. so Matthews sent her to Arnett. I think Dr. M. didn’t like it because I took Mark to Laf. for his tonsillectomy. I had been taking D. to Dr. M. for his shots. Its such a job to take a baby to Laf. and Dr. C. is so busy. However I went in & talked to Dr. M. about it and he said that it was perfectly alright for me to do that. I had to take D. in for his last shot last week and Dr. M. wasn’t very friendly – didn’t even ask about Mark – but this is the way I looked at the situation – I didn’t want to have it done in Matthews office because I would

[page 3] have to bring him home the first night and I didn’t want to do that. So if I offended I am sorry, because Dr. M. has been very nice to us. So much for that.

We had a session with the telephone co. this morning. The phone has been going blank while using it. So many times that has happened lately and this morning it wouldn’t even work. I sent John over to Zells to call in and it was supposed to be working. I made a call & while talking out it went – that time I went over to Zells and called in and asked them to please fix our phone. Then the service man got busy and at present it is in working order.

Now that the other check is here I will pay off the Ins. loan. I’ll have to write in and get the exact amount first, but that won’t take long.

Mark is building models this morning. We worked in the garden last nite and a good

[page 4] thing – It has rained so much the boys couldn’t do much weeding but yesterday evening it had dried off just enough so Mark and I got rid of a crop of weeds. Then last night it rained again so it’s too wet to do anything today. John should be mowing today, but he is waiting for the grass to dry some.

I saw Hilda Barce in Laf. yesterday. She said Ed isn’t in Kokomo now, but is on the move. Going from one recruiting station to another. Judge came Mon. and got the books you had, Ed had loaned you. He said he would bring them back.

Mother & David are out in the yard. He is getting sleepy. I just looked out and he is trying to climb over the side of the buggy.

It’s our chow time so must go see what we can collect together. I think I’ll have to use some meat stamp today – but we have plenty –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

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14th Anniversary (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today marks our 14th. Just hope we can celebrate the 15th together.

It is still on the rainy order here. Last nite we had a clear sunset but by the time we went to bed it was beginning to storm. It is undecided this a.m. Right now the sun is shining & Mark is out with David getting some Vit C. In spite of the rainy weather we get David out between showers enough to keep him tanned. He will certainly be well tanned if he keeps on the way he is going. He has skin like his Daddy – Mark was helping with his both this morning and commenting on how handsome he is because

[page 2] he looks like Daddy. Ruth called David “little Jake” while we were over there. He is 8 mo old, weighs 19 lbs and has a tooth. He was as glad to sleep in his own bed again as the rest of us. The bed Ruth had borrowed for him was just a small crib and it cramped his style.

This letter and other things encl. came this morning from St. E. I think I covered the situation in my letter after I attended the ceremony but they requested it be forwarded so here it is. When we went to the P.O. to mail your letter last nite (6 P.M.) Parr handed John four letters from you. So far the latest is May 10 and one check for 150⁰⁰ is here. You said in your latest you would wait a few days to send the other.

Mr. Zell said every member at Rotary last night wrote you a letter so your mail should pick up.

[page 3] I am going to take John to Dr. Ade this week for a final exam, and also I want to take Mark to Dr. Cole. He has been showing signs of nervousness again – He was doing pretty good until, since school has been out. He shakes his head so much. I put him to bed early last night and am going to try and keep him from playing so hard. He seems to feel good and has a good appetite but shakes his head. Dr. M. looked at his tonsils after he had measles and said they looked bad, however I think I’ll take him to Dr. C. for a going over. If he needs his tonsils out I would rather leave him in the hospital a day or two. He thinks he is going to have a picnic having an operation – you know him – he is really anticipating it with relish. Mark was so tired & worn out from our trip I didn’t send him for a piano lesson this morning. Don’t worry about him because I am sure with rest and a little less excitement he will soon be over this condition. He plays so hard and last week was the first week of vacation. I think he

[page 4] tried to cram too much into the first week.

Our garden is still too wet to work in and the weeds are growing more daily. I got radishes & onions yesterday after we came home and Mark got such a thrill out of his first garden stuff. The potatoes are up about a foot high. They have done better than Zells in the same patch. Mr. Z. said he thought theirs had rotted from so much rain. He got theirs planted before we got ours out.

John has gone to take his music lesson this morning. The recital is to be next week. He got to play on Johnson’s new piano while we were there and of course kept busy at Ruth’s a good bit of the time.

It is time to start lunch so must get busy.
Love Mother

YEG1943-05-24 #3

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No sunshine this week (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It is still cloudy today – No sunshine this week except some Tues (This is Thurs). It has rained so much the water is higher than it has been in years – I think this is supposed to be equal to the 1913 flood. All the towns the floods always effect are under water. I am glad we are living here now. I haven’t had a letter from your Mother for a few days but I know the water must be out all around them. The field north of us was plowed just before these rains started, and it has lakes all over it. John had to mow wet grass this morning but it gets so tall it has to be mowed wet or dry. Your letter of May 9 came this a.m. and that is the first this week – all from May 1 have to

[page 2] come yet because the last I had last week was dated Apr 30.

We are to go to Mutch’s tomorrow to take plants, but I am going to call Ruth tonight and see if they still want the plants now – If it doesn’t clear up they wouldn’t be able to set them out. I hate to think what our garden is going to be like if Mark doesn’t get some weeds out soon – and he can’t get into the garden without getting stuck in the mud – so it seems to be a vicious circle. I wanted to get some more flowers put in this week but I can’t until there is a little less mud.

I see in the paper an account of Dr. M’s accident last week. He had his electric spot light band on his head and touched the water faucet – and got a jolt that knocked him out. Dorothy had to work with him several minutes before she brought him to. The wiring in the spot light was evidently defective. I saw him the next day after it happened and he

[page 3] was still feeling the effects.

I saw Pinky Carlson in town. He is stationed at Pope Field N.C. – Margaret has been here since she came home after the death of her father. I see that Lucile Jones has gone to New Lond, Conn to stay with Kenneth while he is in Sub. training school.

Yesterday we stopped at Funks, and Bobby came to the door – Said his mother and Louise were upstairs working on Louise’s wedding dress – then as an afterthought he said, “oh ho, She’s going to be married next week.” When he is up here playing he invents new works. John asked him what the lights on either side of the front door were and he answered “mistiders.” I suppose that is the way to spell the word – because that was the first time I had heard it. I was making a new flower bed (one day before the rains started) and he was helping haul away the pieces

[page 4] of sod – and he called them “magloshies.”

John is practicing for the recital and Mark wants to practice too – so that I suppose will be the case all summer if Mark continues to take piano lessons. Now Mark has decided to practice on his cornet.

As yet the $150 check hasn’t arrived but will be looking for it and will pay off that Ins loan when it comes. I just can’t seem to buy bonds any more but will try to get a few after we pay off the loan and I get all the uniform money & travel money. The way groceries cost and the monthly house payment etc, etc, etc, there isn’t much left out of the allotment. I bought material for new dresses this spring. Ready made dresses are much too high I think so will see what I can do with making my own. IT’s almost like dressing grownups now to buy clothes for J. & M. – We are getting along OK but there isn’t much surplus. It is time to feed David so must get the apple sauce, etc. ready.

Love Mother

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Tuesday and partly cloudy (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy – Tues and partly cloudy. Had another hard rain last nite. Had a clear sun set and thought it would be dry today – It hasn’t rained so far and I hung clothes out that are about dry but it may rain any minute. We have a lot of garden stuff up but haven’t been able to get any beans or corn planted. Mark will have a good job getting weeds out when it gets dry enough to work. Mark is planning a big summer. He decided he wanted to take piano lessons again so went with John this morning to get started again. I do hope I can keep him at it this summer. He needs a lot of supervision and I should be able to give him more

[page 2] now. John is still taking his lesson. Mark came back home when he finished. I am to dialate John’s eyes today – have an appointment with Dr. Ade 9:45 tomorrow. This isn’t such a good time – with the recital the 28th of this month but he had to have his eyes checked – due to the recurring headaches – – I see John coming and I waited to eat lunch with him. Mark & Mother were too hungry to wait – so will finish this later. – – Some hours later –

After lunch I went out and took clothes down. Took David out withme in his buggy so he could get a good sun bath. I then went to the green house and got snaps, asters & daisies to set out. I was getting tired and Mrs. Foulkes (Harold’s mother) came along, and visited a while – After she left I went back to work and just got three packages of seeds sown when it started to rain – but it was time to feed David so after getting him fed

[page 3] and put to bed we had supper, so you can see I missed the mail today but maybe it will catch the midnight train from the hotel.

The summer kintergardens have started and Statons are sending Jimmy. That gives Mrs. James some relief – She had to do police duty about all day long during fair weather – because Bobby would usually be around and when he & Jimmy play together they have to be watched. Last summer they would quarrel but it has developed to actual fighting this summer. Link is putting up two rose trellises. They keep putting more flower beds in their back yard. Their backyard grass is like ours so they are trying to eliminate it with flower beds.

I see Mark is out in the driveway so the rain must have stopped. He is doing some running and jumping so I must do put a stop to that (too hard on shoes)

[page 4] So far this week no letters but I always look for something tomorrow. Last week had letters as late as Apr. 30. – now getting behind again. Got the pictures today we took last week. I am enclosing two – the one with John standing on the step, I am standing on the flag stones and makes him look taller than me but I still stand half a head above him. He has a very sober expression and Mark has on the uniform that I bought for a Navy Officers uniform but about the only thing that looks like it is the color – After you wrote what you did he quit wearing the strap across his shoulder.

I saw Ira Dixon driving his car today so he must be getting along OK. Dr. M. said Eddie Ray is going to be alright. They brought him home from the hospital.

Haven’t much news from about town – Haven’t had David in his buggy for a walk for it seems like weeks – but can’t take him walking in the rain. Maybe some of the Rotarians are writing and giving you the low down on things around.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-05 Gladys, John, Mark & David


YEG1943-05 David

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Raining Again, Buckets Full (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Raining again, buckets full. The Music Dept had their annual May breakfast this morning and since Mother was here to oversee thing I went to the meeting. Cocoa & I were going to walk but it was pouring down when we were ready to start – so I drove. Harold’s Mother is here so she went with us. It was still raining when we came home and now at 12:15 there is a slow drizzle. Zells went to Laf. today so John Mark went over and fed their chickens. They are big enough now to fry, so we will probably have one soon.

[page 2] I thought the way the weather was yesterday e would be able to work outside today but not so. It is so wet in the flower beds I am afraid I would mire down. Well I have to get Mother’s things put away – (the back porch is full) so maybe it’s just as well to have rain today.

Mark wrote you about getting a bike – I haven’t mentioned it because I wasn’t sure about it and the ration board won’t let him get it because he doesn’t have a paper route. He was awfully disappointed because he didn’t get it but I think he is getting over it. The band teacher has a good cornet to sell and he brought it over this morning for Mark to try. He wants $75⁰⁰ for it. The old trumpet is so hard to do anything

[page 3] with. He really can play the pieces much better on the cornet. I told Mr. Webster to leave it here a few days and we would consider it. I was going to pay 31⁰⁰ for the bike but since he is reconciled over that I think it would be better to put that much toward a horn.

We need to go to town to mail this and get David some food for his next feeding. He is much better about his eating. Eats his vegetables & cereal now without a fuss. He got such a good tan yesterday but can’t go out today. I saw Pauline Dennis this a.m. and asked her about Jimmy Ed. She said he is getting better. Dr. M. gave them a salve to put on him and it soothes so he isn’t so cross.

I thought I would get to write this in a little quiet, but John is playing for Mark and he is blowing the cornet.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Hospital Day Part II (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Apr 28-29 & 30 came today – That brings letters pretty well to date – Yesterday I went to Laf. and was crowded for time when I got back so dashed off a v-mail – but will try today to go into detail about events. Hospital day ceremony was to begin at 12 o’clock. We left here, (John Arlene & I) about 10 a.m. when we got as far as Dr. Cole’s home we stopped – I wanted to see if Mrs. Cole was going – and if so go with her – also I called Dr. Ade from there to get an appointment for John – the day before I called his office and the girl said she couldn’t give us an appointment for an eye exam until May 21 – but when I talked to Dr. Ade he said to bring him right in so we hurried over to town and went directly up to Ade’s office. He was busy but

[page 2] gave John the once over – He said he couldn’t possibly do a refraction on him but looked at his nose & throat and sprayed –(if you could call it that) – his nose & throat, but frankly he didn’t get too close – and I need not explain why – I said to Dr. Ade “There is at least one in every family “ – so he prescribed sufadiazine treatment to clear up any possible infection. We have an appointment for a refraction next week. John hasn’t been doing any reading the least three days and hasn’t had headaches. He didn’t have to go to school after Mon. because he was exempted from all examd. John doesn’t seem to have any cold and feels fine, but Dr. Ade said his throat was red. He is taking sulfa today and going to take it tomorrow.

As soon as Dr. Ade finished with us I dashed out to St. E. – There ceremony was in progress but I located Mrs. Ash and sat by her & Mrs. Rommel. After the ceremony I saw Mrs. Cole then Dr. Cole

[page 3] joined us and we went into the college auditorium for a lunch that was prepared for invited guests. I met several doctors, but can’t remember their names, met Mrs. McKinney – her husband is across but can’t remember just where. Dr. Rommel is in Calif. Mrs. Ash seemed worried when I told her you had been sent away from New Caledonia. I think she is afraid Dr. A. may be sent on too. Dr. Holliday spoke at the ceremony – The comments you wrote about him seem to be the general opinion around Lafayette. Mrs. Peyton also spoke. Dr. P. is in N. Africa and was with Gen. McNair when he was wounded. They gave a list of all the Doctors from St. E. in service and their locations but I can’t remember all of them. Mrs. Ash said Dr. Loop is back in Laf. on leave. She wanted to know if I had seen him – of course I hadn’t – didn’t know he was back. After the luncheon Mrs. Rommel & I went back to town. I had some shopping

[page 4] to do and meet John & Arlene. It has been raining so much but it was such a grand day yesterday – just made to order for the ceremony to be held on the campus, but about 4:30 it began clouding up and today the sun isn’t shining and it has sprinkled some.

I took David down for his second shot this morning. He didn’t take it as good as the first one but didn’t cry long. Dr. Matthews got such an electric shock yesterday it knocked him out. He touched something when he had his head band on and out he went. D. had to work with him to bring him around. He said this morning he was just beginning to limber up.

We haven’t been keeping a scrap book, due to the fact I have had so much to do I hardly see the paper some days, but decided we had better – so I saved back over a week’s supply of newspapers & John went through

[page 5] them today for items and pictures. Any items or pictures about activities in the South West Pacific of course are our chief concern and in May 8th paper was a picture showing supplies being landed on Russel Island. Another picture of three soldiers at a Pacific base and their gun “Dorothy.” I should show that picture to D. K. There are several other pictures but from other areas. I found a picture the other day of some men on Guadacanal having some fresh fish they had caught – They were frying it camp style – over an open fire. I will try now to clip any pictures out about the S. W. Pacific and might find one some time you can identify. I keep watching pictures hoping to see you in one sometime. Valley Wright declares she saw you in a news reel. Said she stayed thru two shows to be sure it was you. Do you remember a movie camera being around any time when you were working? Said news reel was seen in Hammond. Valley is

[page 6] in Kentland now, working at the factory – living with Wrights. Gob is in the Army.

David is cross this afternoon but I think it is due to his shot this a.m. Mark has to go to the library so is going to mail this. John has been baking – made a white cake – Mark was helping him but quit & went outside – when Mark came back in I asked him why he left – he said, “all I got to do was sift flour.” I told them if they wanted to bake to go ahead but I wasn’t going to help any – I didn’t do much but help clear up the mess a little. John got his prize last night at commencement for the essay he wrote (1.50) – I didn’t go – I was too tired and didn’t want to leave the baby after being away most of the day. I have about run out of things to write about and feel like I have had a go session so better quit and rest a while. I am knitting a suit for D. and want to get a few stitches put on it. You mentioned sardines & shrimp – There is another box on its way to you with several cans of sardines & crackers.

Love – Mother –


[Editor’s Note: This is an undated clipping so it may or may not be referring to the actual events in May 1943.]

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